Treat others the way you wish to be treated

Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Always. Read More

Set Yourself Apart

Want to set your self apart from the competition? Make sure your portfolio is stellar. It truly is a game changer. Great tips from our own Sydney Laylin! https://youtu.be/_DwcBimEOE4 Read More

In an interview, give examples for your skills

While it’s important to talk about your skills in a job interview, you should make sure to add details on how you used those skills to accomplish something great for the company. Look at the job description for the role [...] Read More

Find the places that can boost your career goals

If more fulfillment and further steps up the ladder are what you seek at this point in your life, we can be of service. We can pair you with companies on the leading edge of business in your field. Go [...] Read More

Encouraging “good work” on a global scale

What's the role of ethics in the workplace? We’ve gathered some interesting statistics and leadership ideas around the idea of good work. It’s food for thought for how you run your own business. Read More

Putting in the work is essential

Doing the work and applying it to the situation at hand can lead to some amazing results in the workplace. Take the time to plan as extensively as you can and then nothing’s impossible. Add fail to plan, plan to [...] Read More

Being driven by what you truly desire

The forever King of Late Night was on to something here! The drive to seek meaningful change in your life can make some amazing things happen for you and those closest to you. Seek out that desire. Read More

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from True Talent Group!

Hoping the luck of the Irish is with you today and all days! Read More

Make strides in your career with our help

A change of pace, scenery or challenge can be part of your next big move. We love connecting people with great opportunities for their careers. Find out more by visiting our website. https://truetalentgroup.com/ Read More

A great way to ace your probation period

Most companies give you anywhere from one to three months of probation when you start. One of the ways you can endear yourself to your new employer is to ask questions about how things work there. Showing interest and then [...] Read More

You are more than your resume

We won’t reduce you down to what will fit on your resume. We know you’re so much more than a list of past roles. Reach your full career potential with us. Read More

Attributes that are hot for a great personal brand

Among the skills that you should assess, according to experts at Forbes, are compassion, vulnerability, caring, inclusivity and empathy. Seeing how you exude these can lead to a personal brand that is truly yours and yours only. Read More

International Women's Day 2023

Today is set aside to honor all the strong, hardworking, trailblazing women! We have a special shoutout for the amazing women on our team! But we hope you will join us in honoring all women all year long. Read More

Spend that time wisely - on making yourself stronger

It’s true, you know — it takes as much time to seek inner peace as it does to put yourself in turmoil. Opt for that first option and make your time at the workplace better — for yourself and everyone [...] Read More

Make sure the benefits match the role

If you want better medical benefits, long-term connections or stellar networking events, you can look to True Talent Group for all this and more. Our website has a lot more details. https://truetalentgroup.com/ Read More

National Employee Appreciation Day

We at TTG would like to take a moment to recognize and appreciate all of our employees for their hard work and dedication. We are proud to have some of the best employees in the industry who consistently go above [...] Read More

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Salary Negotiations

It's one part of the job interview that can be a stress-out: talking about salary. It doesn't have to be, though. Before you get to that point, there are some things to remember that will make it easier to deal with - and will make you look more poised during the interview. Read More

Work-life balance evolves to something more integrated

While the phrase “work-life balance” is familiar to most, there’s a new one gaining ground: work-life integration. Chief Executive’s news website notes that with remote work as the norm, more employees want flex time to take care of family and [...] Read More

Finding the Right Fit for Your Career

Of course, it should! If you’re in a role that isn’t fulfilling, or isn’t fun, we can help you find the next place to land and create a career that’s right for you. Go to our website to learn how [...] Read More

Feedback should include something about value

Letting an employee know that they are impacting what the company does on a positive level is something that should never be forgotten. It’s a key part of retention for those team members who are the best and brightest for [...] Read More

You CAN do this!

Speak your success into existence! Read More

Month of Roses Contest Winners 2023

Congratulations to the winners of our Month of Roses Contest! These three winners each got to send a dozen roses to someone they care about. We hope those roses brightened their day! Thank you to everyone who entered out contest! Read More

Helping your feel more valued in your career

If you are seeking a great new opportunity to shine, we can be the place that helps you find that chance for your career. Go to our website to see how we can further your career. https://truetalentgroup.com/ Read More

The Best Way to Follow-up with a Prospective Employer

It is important to keep the lines of communication open with a potential new company. That’s why we’re sharing ideas on when you should follow up after interviews. It’s something that can be expertly timed and bring you more to the forefront of their discussions. Read More

A.B.P. - Always Be Prepared

Whether a new job is on your new year’s list or not, it’s best to A.B.P. Always be prepared. We had the opportunity to share some tips on WCCO | CBS News Minnesota on how to land that dream job in 2023. [...] Read More

TTG celebrates Black History Month

Happy Black History Month! During February, True Talent Group is celebrating Black history, Black present and Black futures. We hope you join us in recognizing this important month by listening to, learning about and uplifting the Black community. Read More

Unique opportunities for unique people

You’re a complex individual; you shouldn’t have to try and fit into a pre-determined position. You deserve a personalized role that fits your unique set of skills. Let us help you find an opportunity that checks every box. Read More

Facing the Morning with Confidence

One of the greatest moments of your daily life can be facing the challenges of the day, right when you wake up. Remember that you have the skills to meet any concern, head-on! Whether you think you can or you [...] Read More

Month of Roses Contest 2023 - Last Day

Today’s the last day to enter our Month of Roses Contest! Don’t miss your chance to win a delivery of a dozen roses for your sweetheart! Follow the link below to enter. We’ll pick three winners tomorrow. Good luck! https://socialfive.net/apps?id=197710241098369&provider_id=91101&force_standalone=1 Read More

Month of Roses Contest Post 2

Your special someone deserves fresh flowers this Valentine’s Day! Enter our contest to win a special delivery of a dozen roses for the one you love! Just follow the link below to enter. We’ll pick three winners on Wednesday. Good [...] Read More

We can be the place where your search for workers ends

We have the talent that can make a difference in your workplace. Give us a call or visit our website to see how we can help you find the right person for the role. (612) 860-3079 https://truetalentgroup.com/ Read More

Month of Roses Contest Intro 2023

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show our loved ones how much we care about them. That’s why we’re giving away a dozen roses to 3 lucky winners! Simply click the link below to enter. Winners will be chosen [...] Read More

Hiring for the best cultural fit

Finding the right organizational fit can be challenging, but there are some techniques you can use during the interview to help determine if a job candidate will be great for your culture. Here's a look at some expert advice. Read More

We don’t have secrets when it comes to job-seeking tips

We’re not shy about the secrets that can help you find a job that’s a perfect fit and engages you as an employee with meaningful work. We can help with our knowledge and expertise on the market. According to FastTrack360, [...] Read More

De-stress your candidates when conducting interviews

No one wants a job interview loaded with stress – on either side of the table or desk. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce had some great tips for how the hiring manager can do this, including discussing topics ahead of [...] Read More

5 Hiring Trends to Watch This Year

From more efficient hiring practices to rising salaries, there are some qualities to be aware of as you start to think more about filling those vacancies or create new roles that are necessary for your strategy. Here's a look at five hiring trends for 2023. 
 Read More

It’s Time for Some Interview Practice

It’s a good idea to practice your interview with a family member or a pal before you have to do one. As part of it, work on anticipating questions that might be asked, including ones where you would have to [...] Read More

We may have your next great employee

Life is too short. We believe every leader and talent should have both a culture and skills fit One day is a long time when you don’t share the same values, mission and vision for the future. Are you ready [...] Read More

How do you want to leave your mark on the world?

Think about how you want to leave your mark on the world – then go out and do it. Join us as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy today. Read More

We Have the Talent That You Seek

The search stops with us. We staff for leading brands, marketing departments, start-ups and non-profits, among others. Get in touch to see how we can find the right fit for you. https://truetalentgroup.com/ Read More

The importance of work-life balance

One of the strongest tools you have to retain employees is to make work-life balance a high priority. Being flexible when it comes to time at work and empathetic to family needs can go a long way toward a better [...] Read More

The Advantage of Working With Contractors

If you’re thinking of using contractors or freelance workers, it may be because you are seeking someone who doesn’t need a lot of supervision. That’s one of the advantages of using a consultant – hiring an expert in the field [...] Read More

The talent you want is out there

By staffing for leading brands, non-profits and startups, we can provide a greater pool of talent for you to check out for the right role. See how we can help by going to our website. https://truetalentgroup.com/ Read More

The types of benefits employees want today

Finding the best employees — and retaining them — is a factor of more than just salary. We look at what some employees are seeking as far as benefits go — and most of them relate to relationships of all kinds. Read More

Being more passionate about your work

When thinking about ambitions or contentment in your career, having work that means something is a high priority for everyone. Be determined to search for work you truly care about. Read More


Thank you for a great year. We couldn’t do it without you. Cheers to what’s next! Read More

Consider alumni events for better networking

If you’re trying to build a network around you as you search for the perfect role, consider going back to the alma mater – sort of. Most universities and colleges host events for alumni, whether they’re professionally based or otherwise. [...] Read More

Watch to watch for with questions on conflicts

As you interview candidates for a job, you may be tempted to ask about how they handle conflict in the workplace. And that’s fine! Their reaction to dealing with stress and disagreements can be a good indicator of fit. Be [...] Read More

We can filter the right job for you

If you work with True Talent for your next role, we guide and advise on who would make a good fit for your talents and time. See what we can offer you by visiting our website. Read More

How to anticipate long-term talent needs in a volatile job market

Companies are making changes to the ways they recruit talent, but how? This great article gives some insight Read More

Job Interview Tips To Help You Land That Role

Doing research on the potential employer, practicing your responses and maintaining good eye contact are all great tips for helping you land a job in the interview process. Here's a guide to how you can make that interview memorable. Read More

Making your quality of life a high priority

The balance between making a difference and finding fulfillment is something successful people pursue. Make it a goal to find both as you strive to improve your career and business. Read More

Spread The Cheer 2022 — Last Chance to Win!

It’s your last chance to enter into our Spread the Cheer contest! The winner takes home not only a $300 gift card for themself, but two $100 gift cards to share with two different friends! You don’t want to miss [...] Read More

Happy Holidays from True Talent

Whatever you’re celebrating this year, have an amazing time! Read More

Spread The Cheer 2022 — The Perks of Friendship

If you had $300 to get whatever you wanted, what would you buy? Drop your wish list in the comments, then click on the link below to enter our contest! We’re giving away a $300 gift card to the winner, [...] Read More

We want to share our expertise with you

If you’re seeking the hottest tips and tricks to land the role of your dreams, we can help. Let’s get together and talk about your ideal role and how we might add value. Our website has more details. https://truetalentgroup.com/ Read More

Be like the sun

If you think about it, the sun is quite the role model. It rises every day and shines. Read More

The Traits You Need to Be a Great Pivot Leader

We’re sharing some ideas on what it takes to be a great pivot agent at the workplace. It’s a combination of past experience, quick work in the present and knowing about the company’s goals for the future. Read More

Spread The Cheer 2022 — Enter for a Friend

There’s a good reason why we’re calling this our Spread the Cheer Contest! In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s something special about our contest prize: not only does the winner gets a $300 Amazon gift card, but they also [...] Read More

We can help find the perfect fit for the workplace

We love bringing together great potential employees with the right kind of place for them to continue developing in their careers. Let’s meet and talk more about your needs for the best talent out there. Go to our website to [...] Read More

Giving new employees a great feeling

You want a new employee to feel right away that they made a great decision to go with your company. That starts before they even step into the office (or log into it if you are still going virtual). Sending [...] Read More

Spread The Cheer 2022 — Contest Introduction

With so many of us in holiday shopping mode, we thought it would be the perfect time to announce a brand new contest. This one’s pretty exciting: We’re giving away a $300 Amazon shopping spree! If you thought that was [...] Read More

Stop your search for great talent with us

Finding people in the digital, creative and marketing talent space is made much easier with our methods, and you’ll make the call on who you are looking for. We can help you out — go to our website to learn [...] Read More

Know what your potential employer wants before interviewing

Look — it’s OK to sell yourself to your prospective employer. And, one of the best ways to do that is to complete the research on them before speaking with them. Find out what their mission is. Get an idea [...] Read More

Find the perfect fit for the roles you need to fill

What worked to attract candidates yesterday may not be the same today. No matter your business objective, we can help break down your goals into actionable plans to find the best staff. Go to our website to learn more. Read More

Know who you are

Before you can build your personal brand, you have to know who you are. Then make sure you stay true to that. Be you! Read More

Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

Gobble. Gobble. We hope you have an amazing holiday! Happy Thanksgiving from True Talent Group! Read More

It's worth a shot

Whatever serves you, in the end, is always worth the effort. Read More

Take a page from our President/CEO

The True Talent Group was created more a decade ago to help people find that thing in life that inspires them. Time at work should be filled with joy, not drudgery. Get this: We’re more excited about that than ever. [...] Read More

5 Great Qualities to Seek Out From Potential Employees

In our latest blog, we looked at what some people out there are saying about the best qualities of a future employee. We found the five characteristics that resonated the most with us. Read More

Prep the questions you ask during an interview

We know you have been taught to not be afraid to ask a question to get more info about something. That’s a good plan for a job interview as well. Leap right in and ask the interviewer about the company, [...] Read More

We can help you find the best talent

It’s a crowded job field, and we have the techniques to make that search easier. Contact us to learn more. Read More

Thank a veteran - from True Talent Group!

Join us in thanking a veteran for our freedom today. From all of us at True Talent Group, Happy Veteran’s Day. Read More

Developing hiring managers

While hiring managers are paid to find the best talent for open positions, it’s important that they spend time focusing on the skills they have as well. We all have room to improve. Read More

Go vote!

It’s important, so go let your voice be heard. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get out there and vote! Read More

Consistency goes a long way toward success

It’s what adds up at the end that can be measured in your career fulfillment. Being consistent with your approach in every way will help you be that “go-to” person in your career. Read More

Work should be fun

If you’re dragging your feet en route to work every day, wearing out the snooze button or sighing when you see “Help Wanted” signs, we should connect. Pronto. It’s time to find a job that makes your heart smile. https://truetalentgroup.com/ Read More

Join us for the 100th Good Leadership Breakfast on Nov. 18

Who else is optimistic about the future and doing good? We’re honored to be sponsoring the 100th Good Leadership Breakfast will be on November 18, 2022. The theme for this breakfast is ‘Why should we be optimistic about the future?’ [...] Read More

Ways to get the best work in an agile workspace

Whether it's called agile or flexible, the workplace is evolving to meet the needs of both company and employee. Here are some things to think about when it comes to transforming the workspace. Read More

Join us in wishing Brynn the very best on her birthday today! We are so lucky to have you on the team. Happy birthday! Read More

Belated birthday for Ben

Due to a technical glitch, we didn’t get a chance to wish Ben Katz a fantabulous birthday! Happy belated birthday, Ben. We appreciate you so much!! Read More

Happy Halloween from True Talent Group!

May your Halloween be safe, spooky and full of treats! Read More

A great job experience is out there for you

Waking up each morning raring to get started and do some work — it’s not an impossible dream! We can work with you to find the exact fit for your skills, culture needs and future fulfillment. Partner with us — [...] Read More

Have an impact

Our company’s mission is to… Read More

What it means to be professional in the workplace

There are non-negotiable traits that true professionals possess. It’s professionalism beyond what you wear (although, admittedly, that’s important too). Read More

Stress Free Fall Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the winner of our Stress Free Fall Contest! Christy won a month’s worth of meal prep kits to help make busy fall nights more relaxed. Here’s what Christy had to say about winning: “Wow! I am so excited! [...] Read More

Looking to the future at our 100th Good Leadership Breakfast (For 10/20)

If you’ve been lucky enough to attend any of our previous Good Leadership Breakfasts, then you’re familiar with our beliefs in the concepts of Goodness Pays and The Seven Fs of Goodness in leadership. These Fs are: faith, family, finances, [...] Read More

Storytelling your way to a new job

Being a good storyteller can touch the logical and emotional sides of a recruiter, and could give you a leg up in your job search. Nobody knows you like you, so be sure to shape your narrative positively and impressively. Read More

Take it one step at a time

Know the Chinese proverb about how the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? The next step is just as important. And the next one. And the next one. And the next one. And the … Read More

Emotional intelligence can help you be a better leader

Developing emotional intelligence can help you be a better leader. Here's why: Read More

We love our Art Buddies!

We love being partnered with Art Buddies! Art Buddies pairs kind adults with children from the Twin Cities’ highest needs schools for creative one-to-one mentorship programs. We are proud to be involved with such an amazing program. Read More

Keep social media data consistent

If your resume history and social media presence don’t match, a hiring manager might question your integrity right from the start. You may have good reasons, but be sure they match! Trust us: It’s worth putting in the time when [...] Read More

The choice is yours

We offer it all. Whatever you’re looking for, we’d love to help! https://truetalentgroup.com/ Read More

Developing hiring managers

While hiring managers are paid to find the best talent for open positions, it’s important they spend time focusing on their skills, too. Here’s how: Read More

Keep climbing

Life is full of hills and valleys. Don’t give up! Read More

We hope to see you at The Buddies Awards!

Want to have some fun and support an amazing cause? Join us for The Buddies Awards November 11th at Carmichael Lynch for an Art Auction and a dance party and you can do both! Help raise critical funds and support [...] Read More

Characteristics to look for in a good employee

What kind of characteristics are you looking for in an employee? Well, let’s get a bit more specific: a good employee. They should probably have quite a few of the 30 attributes listed here. #talentsearch #recruiting #ttg Read More

Twins Cities Business' 2021 Readers’ Choice “Best of Business” award

Wondering which company earned the 2021 Readers’ Choice “Best of Business” award from Twin Cities Business? We’d rather show than tell. (OK, fine. Here’s a hint: It was us. Thanks, Readers!) #TTG #talentsearch #jobseekers Read More

Join us at The Buddies!

Love having fun? How about supporting great causes? You can do BOTH at The Buddies Awards for an Art Auction (and a dance party!) to help support kids who need it most. Critical funds are being raised for the Art [...] Read More

Small efforts lead to success

Turn your accomplishments into a routine. Keep up the good work! It will pay off! Read More

Write a solid job description

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So is your job description making a good first impression? Here’s how to improve it: #truetalentgroup #findtalent Read More

Employees prefer additional benefits over raise

Looking for talent that will be attracted to your company — and stick around? Pay is a factor, of course. Benefits, including control over how and when employees can choose to work, might even be more important. Read More

Are you telling your best story?

In his book, “Brain Rules,” molecular biologist John Medina offers insight into why some job candidates are chose over others. The key: emotion. As Medina has stated, “The brain remembers the emotional component of an experience better than any other aspect." Here are four tips to telling the right story about yourself and getting noticed: Read More

Stress Free Fall Contest Post - Last Day

Today is the last day to enter our Stress Free Fall contest! Don’t miss your chance to win an entire month’s worth of meal prep kits! We’ll pick the winner on Monday. Good luck! https://socialfive.net/apps?id=622052177923269&provider_id=91101&force_standalone=1 Read More

We can improve your job search

Looking for a job where you’re truly valued and truly appreciated? We’re there for you. We’re over here for you, too: https://truetalentgroup.com/find-work-creative-marketing-digital. #truetalentgroup #dreamjob #jobsearch Read More

Stress Free Fall Post 3

Imagine ending a busy fall day with a hassle-free, delicious, homemade meal. Now get excited, because we’re giving away an entire month’s worth of meal prep kits to give you a stress-free fall! Simply click the link below to enter. [...] Read More

Having a great time

Today is our big party and we’re so excited!! We just want to take a moment to thank all of our fantastic True Talent team members, customers, partners, and anyone else who has been here with us since the beginning. [...] Read More

Practice makes perfect: 5 tips for nailing your next job interview

Ace your next job interview by preparing in advance. Read More

Stress Free Fall Contest Post 2

Did you hear about our Stress Free Fall contest?! We’re giving away an entire month’s worth of meal prep kits to one lucky winner! No planning, no grocery list… just simple and delicious food! There’s less than a week left [...] Read More

Reap the rewards for your hard work

Good things take time. Plants need good soil, water and tending to to grow! What are you planting today? #persevere #hardwork #nevergiveup Read More

Who doesn't love a new headshot?

A good headshot is crucial! We recently treated our employees to a brand new headshot from TTG and @mybrandphotographer Larelyn Dexter! Read More

Finding talent is our talent

Looking to hire talent? Pardon the humblebrag, but staffing for leading brands, marketing departments, corporations, non-profits, start-ups and agencies, among others, is one of our talents. Read More

Stress Free Fall Contest Post 1

Fall is right around the corner, and we’re welcoming the season in the best way possible – with a contest! To help relieve some stress, we’re giving away an entire month’s worth of meal prep kits delivered to your door! [...] Read More

Lisa M. anniversary

Congratulations and happy anniversary to Lisa M., who has been with True Talent Group for 10 years! Thank you for being an amazing part of our team, we appreciate you today and all days! Read More

Make a job-hunting strategy

Does your job search sometimes feel like you’re just throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping something sticks? First tip: Stop throwing pasta. Second tip: Consider these job-hunting strategies. #jobhunt #truetalentgroup Read More

True Star winners: Laura, Charles, Lisa

We are looking forward to celebrating with our 2022 True Star winners next week! Congratulations to Laura, Charles and Lisa! Read More

Setting up new employees for success

Making a great hire is one thing. One big thing! Taking smart steps after the hiring process is crucial to a successful transition for a new employee. Check out these four recommendations the Harvard Business Review has for facilitating a [...] Read More

Lisa J. birthday

Wishing a very happy birthday to Lisa J.! We hope you enjoy your special day, we’re glad to celebrate you! Read More

Do you have the characteristics of a good employee?

Sometimes you need to reframe ‘ bad’ traits as good ones when talking to potential employers. Before your next interview, check out this list of qualities that employers might work in your favor. #jobsearch #recruiting #truetalentgroup Read More

2022 True Star winners

We can’t wait to celebrate with these 2022 True Star winners next week! Congratulations! Read More

Talent search stops here

When it comes to connecting you with the talent you need, we set the golden standard. For help with your staffing search, follow this link: https://truetalentgroup.com/contact-us/   Read More

A strong start to Q4!

Hit the ground running at the beginning of Q4 so you can rest easy at the end of the year! Read More

2022 True Stars

Congratulations to these 2022 True Stars! Alex Nowak, Tom Clemens, Ben Katz, Megan Doboszenski and Max Pittman We can’t wait to celebrate you on the 22nd! Read More

Why Mark Cuban is so competitive

Ever seen Mark Cuban at an NBA game? Or on Shark Tank? It’s easy to see that the Dallas Mavericks’ owner and entrepreneur is competitive. That spirit emanates in his appearances. It’s also part of the reason why he’s so [...] Read More

We thank all the hard worker out there! Happy Labor Day!

On this day, we want to honor and celebrate the achievements of all of your hard-working Americans out there! YOU are the true talent, and we thank you. Happy Labor Day! Read More

We can help find you talent

Sometimes hiring managers and HR need a hand in finding the right candidates. Let us save you both some time and money. Our email inbox is open 24/7: info@truetalentgroup. #nowhiring #ttg #truetalentgroup #findtalent Read More

Lisa Janusz Anniversary Aug 27

What’s special about today? It’s Lisa’s anniversary with True Talent Group! We are so happy you are part of our team. Read More

Believe you can

One of the best ways to help yourself accomplish something is to know that you can! Read More

Bruce Edwards Birthday Aug 26

We want to wish Bruce the happiest of birthdays! Celebrate big. You deserve it! We love you, B! Read More

Be honest and transparent

When applying for a new job, it’s important to be honest about your salary expectations. This way, both you and the employer can gauge if the role is a good fit. Start by researching similar positions in your area and [...] Read More

Good time to jump into job market

If your current job is burning you out, consider jumping back into the market. It’s a good one. We work with companies across the U.S. to connect best-in-class talent with companies they love. #jobsearch #truetalentgroup Read More

Benefits or extra salary?

Would you prefer extra money or benefits from your employer? Both is the obvious answer, right? According to a Glassdoor survey, 80% of employees would choose additional perks over a salary bump. #jobhunt #benefits #ttg Read More

Characteristics of a good employee

Knowing the attributes of a good employee can help those seeking jobs and those hiring. Here are some of the most important characteristics. Read More

Top Fastest-Growing Occupations

Here are the fastest-growing occupations, according to a U.S. Bureau of Labor report, and their current wages from Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics. The top spot, among others, will likely come as a surprise. Do any of these intrigue you enough to switch careers? Read More

No challenge is too big

We don’t necessarily advocate taking a lot of life advice from The Office’s Dwight Schrute. Despite his awkward social skills, you’ve gotta admire his confidence and how he views challenges. #ttg #confidence #truetalentgroup Read More

Connect with us

Do you want just a job, or do you want your dream job? Connect with us so we can connect you! Read More

Stop looking, start choosing

According to Garner, voluntary turnover is predicted to jump close to 20% this year. How is that impacting your business? Let us help connect you with best-in-class talent. Read More

David Kim Birthday Aug 8

It’s David’s birthday! Join us in wishing him the happiest of days today. You deserve the best! Read More

Talent search a pleasant search

Between looking for lost socks, misplaced keys and the lunch that mysteriously disappeared from the breakroom fridge, life has more than enough annoying searches. We make finding the talent you need a pleasant and productive search. Read More

14 incredible years

It is hard to believe that it’s already been 14 years. Work should be fun, and we love what we do! Here’s to the next 14 and beyond. Thank you for being with us and helping us grow. We are [...] Read More

Lucky day for job seekers

Looking for a job in marketing, creative and/or digital projects? Consider this to be your lucky day. OK, it can still be your lucky day if you’re not looking for a job. But if you do need one, your lucky [...] Read More

Lisa Matre Birthday Aug 5

Happy birthday, Lisa! We are so excited to celebrate your special day. Thanks for being such an amazing part of the team! Read More

Happy birthday, Kristen! Aug 5

Happy birthday, Kristen! Please join us in celebrating Kristen today. We are so happy to have you on our team! Read More

Money isn't everything

Money can’t guarantee the same kind of satisfaction we experience when we meet our goals and look back on our accomplishments. Read More

12 Questions to Ask During your Job Interview

You know you’re going to be asked questions when you go in for a job interview. But are you prepared to do the same? Here are 12 questions to consider asking the interviewer. Read More

Happy birthday to Stacey on Aug. 3

Join us in wishing Stacey Stratton, our fearless leader a Happy Birthday! We couldn’t do it without you! Enjoy your special day, Stacey! Read More

Kevin James Aug 1

Join us in wishing Kevin James a happiest of birthdays! We are so happy he is part of our team and are excited to celebrate him today. Read More

Receiving a no isn't such a bad thing

If Mark Cuban let a shut door or a disappointing rejection stop him from chasing his dreams, he wouldn’t be a billionaire. Or the owner of an NBA team. Or one of the Sharks. Or a vegetarian. Well, he still [...] Read More

Ghosting at an all-time high in workforce recruiting

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed the trend of “ghosting” in the job market, where an applicant accepts a position but then backs out or simply does not show up. And that is if they even show up for [...] Read More

Smart questions to ask during a job interview

Do you go into a job interview prepared with questions to ask? Forget the there-are-no-dumb-questions cliche. Prepare to impress the interviewer with smart questions from this list. Read More

It's a new business normal

COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way U.S. companies will do business for years to come. Here's a look at the new business normal. Read More

Meeshell Helas Jul 20

Happy, happy birthday to Meeshell Helas! Meeshell is an amazing asset to our team. We are excited to celebrate you today! Read More

Megan Doboszenski Anniversary Jul 16

It’s hard to believe Megan Doboszenski has already been with us for one year! We are so happy to have you as part of the team, Megan! Read More

The Search Stops Here

Our purpose is making a difference in our talent and client’s lives. Truly finding our clients the best fit and our talent a role they love is why we do what we do! Recently lost a team member? Health or [...] Read More

Tip: Consider using contract-to-hire positions

The adage “If the shoe fits, wear it” doesn’t always work. No matter how great they fit, you aren’t going to wear stilettos on a hike — although, that would add extra adventure. Hiring employees can be similar. A good [...] Read More

Happy birthday, Kerri! July 20

Join us in celebrating Kerri today! We want to wish Kerri the happiest of birthdays. Thanks for all you do! Read More

Disney Dreaming 2022 winner announcement

Congratulations to the winners of our Disney Dreaming contest – Molly and her family! Molly said “Our family couldn’t be more excited about being the lucky winners – these princesses will be over the moon!” Have an AMAZING time at [...] Read More

Benefits of contract and freelance labor

There are many benefits to using contract or freelance labor, especially when it comes to filling specialist roles. Organizations can save time and money by not having to go through the process required to fill a permanent full-time position, and [...] Read More

What is The Walled Garden?

When we think of a walled garden we think of beautiful flowers? But the kind we’re talking about is not that. Learn more about what we mean in our latest thought leadership blog post. Read More

Happy birthday, Dave!

Please join us in wishing Dave a happy birthday! Dave, we are so happy to have you on the team and hope you have a great day. Read More

It's time to bust out the fireworks and hot dogs and turn up that grill

It’s time to bust out the fireworks and hot dogs and turn up that grill. Let’s get it going! True Talent wants to wish all of you a fabulous 4th of July holiday! Read More

U.S. workforce includes 59 million freelancers

Fans of the science-fiction TV series “X-Files” certainly remember the show’s iconic line, “The truth is out there.” Agent Scully might be surprised to discover how many freelancers are out there, too. According to labor statistics, 59 million people did [...] Read More

Welcome to the team!

We are excited to introduce you to the two newest members of our team! Angela Smith Ford is a native of the Chicagoland area and we are thrilled to be expanding our team outside of Minnesota. Angela is a talented [...] Read More

From your friends at True Talent, we hope everyone had a fantastic Pride Month!

From your friends at True Talent, we hope everyone had a fantastic Pride Month! <3 Read More

Know your core competencies

We’re so excited to see our team in person again. Great clients, amazing benefits, and the personal care we give are just a few reasons people love working for us! Are you ready? Let’s connect today! Info@truetalentgroup.com Read More

Half time meeting

Our employee half-time meeting is coming up on Monday the 27th! We are prepping for it now and it’s gonna be big! We’ll see you there! Read More

The search stops here

This is the craziest talent market we have ever seen. We’re comparing it to the real estate market. Highest, best and quickest offers are being accepted. Are you ready? We’ll help you get the right talent for your business. A [...] Read More

Cathy Jordan Anniversary

Let’s have a hooray because yesterday was Cathy Jordan’s one-year anniversary! And while we may be a day late, with Cathy Jordan, we’re NEVER a dollar short. Her wealth of experience and kind-hearted nature has truly enriched everyone here at [...] Read More

People Are Our Greatest Asset

Is your team united, healthy and motivated? Avoiding burnout can be hard, especially in a remote work environment, but keeping your team happy can boost retention and productivity. Check-ins will help foster communication and let you know what your team [...] Read More

Thoughts on How to Succeed

When you are applying to jobs or applying for promotions, getting rejections can be disheartening. It can feel like you are behind — not connected enough, not educated enough, not good enough at writing CVs. But ultimately, you can only [...] Read More

Your Dream Job is a Click Away

True Talent Group’s job is to make your job-hunt easier. Get our newsletter with the latest tips, trends and updates. Check out our website to find exciting and diverse job opportunities. Connect with an agent to share your interests, goals [...] Read More

Disney Dreaming Contest Post 2

Have you ever been to the most magical place on earth? Now might be your chance! We’re giving away 2-day park hopper tickets for a family of FOUR to either Disneyland or Disney World. You pick the park! First, drop [...] Read More

How well does your business handle employee onboarding?

Is your company's employee onboarding process organized and effective? Here's why it's such a vital aspect of retaining great employees. Read More

Connect with Company Culture

Company culture is critical to attracting and retaining talent. According to Gallup, when company culture is defined and the work is aligned with the culture, then companies see growth, retention, increased productivity and increased profit. Take time to work with [...] Read More

Disney Dreaming Contest Introduction 2022 - B

Been dreaming of a Disney vacation? We are so excited to announce that we’re giving away 2-day park hopper tickets for a family of FOUR to either Disneyland or Disney World. You pick the resort! First, drop us a comment [...] Read More

We find the talent you need

Today’s job market means it can be tough to find the best talent. Thankfully, we’re here to help you find the right people for the job. No more scouring over hundreds of applications, resumes and emails. Visit our website to [...] Read More

Work is changing

The nature of work and how we think about it is changing. Employee happiness is down 6% since 2020. Burnout is up 17%. Check out this article on how to find and embrace work you love: Read More

Always wake up with a smile

What do you want to accomplish? Don’t let your fears hold you back. Decide what your future looks like and go for it! Read More

Join us in welcoming Angela Smith Ford to True Talent Group! She is a native of the Chicagoland area and we are thrilled to be expanding our team outside of Minnesota. Angela is a talented and experienced meeting planner who [...] Read More

We can help you land the job of your dreams

Ready for a new challenge? Sunday night unsettles? The best is yet to be! Let us help you find a job you love! Contact us today! link to info@truetalentgroup.com Read More

Are you a curious leader? Here's how to know

Curiosity is one of the major keys to leadership. Here's why. Read More

Grateful today (and everyday) for veterans and active service members who bravely serve in our armed forces. We honor those who gave their lives while defending our country. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day! Read More

Interview strategically

Asking questions of value during an interview is essential. This is how you get a clear "yes" or "no" about a candidate by the time you wrap up! Read More

Work with a recruiter

A great way to access jobs in “the hidden market” is to work with a staffing agency, like True Talent Group. We meet with our clients to understand their challenges and provide the best talent to meet their needs. Connect [...] Read More

Tips for being a great leader

The best leaders are positive, empowering and inspiring. This can help you attract and retain the best employees. Learn how to take your leadership to the next level in this article: Read More

Isn't it time to love work?

We’re always saying life is too short around here. We can help you land the dream job that makes you feel truly valued and appreciated. Visit our website to learn more about finding your dream job: Read More

The art of finding work-life balance and avoiding burnout

Finding the right equilibrium between our professional and personal lives is a constant battle, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer out there (trust us, we’ve looked). But here are a couple of tips that might help you. Read More

2022 LLS Man and Woman of the Year

Beating cancer is in our blood and a true cause. Our True Talent Group team had an amazing night at the 2022 Man and Woman of the Year Gala benefitting Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of MN, SD, ND, WI. We [...] Read More

Dress for Success Twin Cities | Power of You Annual Fundraiser Event

We had the honor of attending and sponsoring this fantastic fundraising event put on by Dress for Success Twin Cities. Not only did DFSTC put on a spectacular 1920’s-themed happy hour fundraiser, they raised over $62,000!  It was a truly touching [...] Read More

Retaining Your Team – 3 Steps to Success

March 4th, 2022 was Employee Appreciation Day. In a tight talent market where everyone is getting recruited on the daily, how do you keep the great team you have? There are lots of key factors that contribute to overall happiness [...] Read More

Finding the Job You Love!

Romance Yourself Into a New Role. Ready to pursue a job you’ll love? Here at True Talent Group, we’ve noticed that finding the right job has a lot in common with finding the right relationship. Whether you’re dating or looking [...] Read More

2022: Year of the Employee

New year, new changes in the talent market! There’s been a clear shift in power—and talent has the advantage. In a recent poll surveying more than 900 workers, fifty percent reported plans to look for new jobs this year. Top [...] Read More

2021 Highlights and Why We're Optimistic

2021 was another challenging and change-filled year. As I’m writing this, I recall what I thought would change this year but hasn’t. We continue to struggle with uncertainty, anxiety and fear.   What has changed is that many have reflected on [...] Read More

Return-to-Work: Making Smart Decisions that Retain and Attract Top Talent

The Return-to-Work question is on everyone’s mind right now. New timeframes, re-imagined office configurations and safety precautions are all factors in the new normal. But when half of workers surveyed reported they will quit their current position if expected to [...] Read More

Interviewing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Talking about your past job experiences can be challenging, especially if they weren’t all roses and unicorns.  If you’re not careful, it can be easy to answer questions the wrong way and make an unfavorable impression. To keep this from [...] Read More

Job Offer Negotiation: How to Land Your Dream Job

Job offers are exciting! But with all good things, taking your time to consider what’s at stake is critical. Job offer negotiations represent a crucial jump-off point for employees and help establish common ground and clear expectations. Feeling unsure how [...] Read More

The Employee Appreciation Mindset

Let’s be honest—if there’s one thing these difficult times have taught us, it’s that life is too short to stay in places where our work goes unappreciated. Without a doubt, your employees have taken this lesson to heart, too. The [...] Read More

Three Tips for Avoiding Team Burnout

UPDATED OCTOBER 2021 Like it or not, the pandemic has us all used to a new kind of work structure. Whether you’re managing a team or working on your own, the possibility of employee burnout remains real. Remote work from [...] Read More

Not Feeling the Love?

Real Talk About Why You Didn’t Get the Job Job Interviews: we’ve all experienced them. Some went well; others, not so much. Sure, there can be factors beyond your control—an internal candidate already identified, company puts the position on hold—but [...] Read More

Are You an Oak or a Willow?

Friends, To begin 2021, I have an important question for you:  Are you more like an Oak? Or a Willow? Don’t worry, I’m not becoming delirious due to pandemic isolation. It’s a real question! You might first identify with a [...] Read More

Why We're Thankful

We couldn’t have done it without you. For many reasons, 2020 will be a year we’ll never forget. When I reflect on it, I find many reasons to be thankful.  First and foremost, our team and clients are healthy. This means [...] Read More

Job Hunt Mistakes to Avoid

Situation: you’re looking for work. Whether that’s full-time work or getting another client or contract, there’s a strategic approach to take to find a good fit. If you’re spending time looking and applying for positions, stay positive and always know [...] Read More

3 Quick Interview Tips

Essentially all interviews are now virtual – and it means everyone’s approaching the interview process as job seekers in an entirely new way. What do we wear? How do we deal with a delay in headphones or speakers? Follow these [...] Read More

Hiring Talent Through Virtual Interviews

We’re experiencing an entirely new way of interviewing, hiring and onboarding. But as hiring managers there are still those key things we look for with candidates. Are they a good culture fit? Are they qualified? Do they align with our [...] Read More

Hot Tips for Revamping Your Resume in 2020

Many of you are in the same boat – you’re looking for work, new clients or even new careers. This means you’re working hard at developing your personal brand and your resumes. What if you haven’t updated your resume in [...] Read More

5 Tips for Crafting Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Get Your Voice Heard, Make Your Skills Shine We’re living in a new time and a new territory – and ultimately that means a new way of positioning ourselves as digital marketing creative experts. As you look for new careers [...] Read More

Digital Marketing. Why it’s so Important. Right Now!

Focus on digital and focus on results The last six months have been uncharted territory when it comes to everything from launching a business – to keeping established operations running smoothly. In times where marketing seems like it won’t be [...] Read More

Back to school - and a new routine!

Tips for optimal work schedules while staying positive and productive. The weather is cooling down and we’re starting to see colors span across the trees as everything starts to fade from bright green to earthy tones. School is starting and [...] Read More

Q3 2020 Update from our CEO

We’re still experiencing a lot of firsts as we continue to navigate new and unknown situations – and that’s OK! See what’s new at True Talent Group (like our office going virtual), what we’ve done so far in 2020 (like [...] Read More

2020 True Star Winners!

Congratulations to this year’s True Star Award winners! As usual, we had a flurry of outstanding nominees. We can’t wait to celebrate with our winners, clients, employees and supporters on August 13th! Among all of our talented, motivated and professional [...] Read More

Make COVID your moment to market – Part 2

Why investing in marketing right now will set you up for future success: Part 2 of 2 Everyone’s questioning how to market their business right now – and the reality is this question comes after everyone’s well-being is addressed. There’s [...] Read More

A quick reference guide to interacting with marketing, digital and creative contractors

Resource needs can change quickly – and as a hiring manager, it can be beneficial to work with contractors to help with both immediate and long-term needs. Likewise, as a contractor, it can be beneficial to receive continuous project-based work. [...] Read More

Hiring just changed entirely

Here’s how to adjust your process for a fully digital workforce Hiring marketing, digital and creative employees has an entirely new meaning and process behind it. As we face unknown times, we’re left with the task of amending our processes [...] Read More

Make COVID your moment to market

Why investing in marketing right now will set you up for future success: Part 1 of 2 Every business takes its ups and downs when it comes to marketing – but we’re truly facing something new with COVID-19. While some [...] Read More

True Terms Glossary: Your Go-To Guide to Working with a Marketing, Digital and Creative Recruiting Agency

Becoming familiar with terms in the recruiting industry can be much simpler if you have a tool helping you navigate the landscape. So, at True Talent Group we’ve created one! Use this glossary to help learn terms so you can [...] Read More

We’re making a difference and fighting for a cancer cure!

THANK YOU to our friends, family and community for joining together and raising money to help a great cause! Since February, we’ve been working to raise money to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). It’s been a journey and definitely [...] Read More

New to working with a recruiter? Check out these 7 tips for making the process simpler, effective and fulfilling.

Are you new to working with a recruiter? Has it been a while since you’ve job hunted? No matter what your past experience is with recruiters, it’s good to know what to expect when interacting with your recruiter – especially [...] Read More

Quick tips for interviewing – even if it’s virtual

Prepping for a job interview can be one of your most powerful tools when it comes to getting a new job. Although interviewing can seem a little overwhelming, it’s a process we all go through when embarking on a new [...] Read More

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Our founder and CEO is committed to giving back to her community. She’s currently participating in a philanthropic competition to support blood cancer research. Her team, the “Altrueists”, actively raised funds in honor of two local children – both of [...] Read More

Recognized as one of the Best Places to Work – and it’s all thanks to our true star talent!

When you enjoy your team at work, your boss and your work environment – it’s something you talk about. Today, we’re ELATED to announce that we’ve been recognized as one of 2020’s best places to work by the Minneapolis/St. Paul [...] Read More

An Inspiring Message from our President

Here is an important, positive message for all our valued clients, talent, supporters and friends! Read More

Our newest True Cause – the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)!

LLS is a global leader in the fight against cancer – lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. This amazing organization funds life-saving blood cancer research around the world, and provides free information and support services to children, adults and families living [...] Read More

Dress for Success Twin Cities...The Power of YOU!

True Talent Group is excited to support Dress for Success Twin Cities at their largest fundraiser of the year on Thursday, March 5th – The Power of You!  The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve [...] Read More

Learn How to Keep and Motivate Your Team

In a tight talent market, how do you keep the team you have? Money isn’t everything. Download our new ebook and read through it for three easy tips to follow today! TTG Motivating Your Team Ebook Read More

Authenticity in the Workplace

Our fearless leader, Stacey Stratton, recently sat down with Megan Effertz , founder of the The Business Gist, to talk about jobs, the workforce and being authentic! https://bit.ly/2thxBdT Read More

Top 5 Ways to Be Happy at Work

  With all of the competing priorities in life, this crazy Minnesota weather and a shift in the way we work today, being happy isn’t always a piece of cake. The life we live here is so short and every [...] Read More

Join us at the Women in Digital October Meetup

The October Meetup for Twin Cities Women in Digital will be one for the books. Ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? You may not have known it, but our guess is that you have experienced it at one point in your [...] Read More

Talent is Getting Frustrated on the Job Hunt

For those of you out there on the hunt for a new job, you may have noticed a major slow down in the hiring process as of late. Don’t worry, we’ve noticed too. Here’s what we’re seeing… We’re Seeing Client’s [...] Read More

True Talent Group Celebrates 10 Years

Unique. Personal. Pathfinder. Helpful. Supportive. Exceptional. Our employees were recently asked what one word describes True Talent Group. The words above were most often used. Seeing those words means everything as we embark on an exciting milestone. Ten years ago [...] Read More

We Have the Scoop on Trends in the Talent Industry

Our President Stacey Stratton recently wrote an article for Minnesota Business on the trends in the talent market today. Want to know how to get the best talent for your team today? Read on!   http://www.minnesotabusiness.com/   Read More

Minnesota's Got Talent

True Talent Group CEO/ President Stacey Stratton teams up with Minnesota Business Magazine and local talent experts to think outside the box when it comes to hiring. Read more here! http://www.minnesotabusiness.com/minnesotas-got-talent Read More

True Talent Group is one of 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2018

We are very excited to be recognized by Minnesota Business Magazine as one of 100 Best Companies to Work For in the Twin Cities! Maybe it’s the amazing benefits, maybe it’s our core values, maybe it’s our culture! We think [...] Read More

The Human Connection in a Digital World

True Talent Group’s annual summit focused on how companies can achieve human connection in an ever-changing digital world Read More   Read More

True Talent Group Adds Consulting to its Placement Offerings Suite

As a part of their 10-Year anniversary, this year True Talent Group is adding Consulting to the list of talent placement offering types. President and Owner, Stacey Stratton shared this about the agency’s long-standing success and need to grow the [...] Read More

What Makes a Company a Best Place to Work?

You now know that engaged employees are key to the success of an organization.  We have given you the tools to drive up that engagement, now let’s look at a few simple things you can do today to make your [...] Read More

Increasing Employee Engagement!

Strong employee engagement directly ties to a company’s productivity and profitability. Studies have found that organizations with strong employee engagement generate revenue growth at a rate 2.5 times higher than other companies! But recent surveys show that only about 34% [...] Read More

Attracting and Retaining Millennials

  Today many companies are still struggling to find the best ways to not only hire millennials, but also retain them.  This generation is vital to the growth of your company and our overall economy. Here are 6 ways you [...] Read More

Keys to Effective Leadership in the 21st Century

Dr. McCloskey gave an inspiring keynote at the March 2nd Marketing & Creative Leaders Summit.  His views on leadership in the 21st century are changing how we manage and lead our organizations.  This is a must-read article! The research is [...] Read More

Marketing & Creative Leaders Summit-A Visual Recap!

Thank you again for attending the Marketing & Creative Leaders Summit!  What an amazing afternoon of connecting and learning! True Talent Group has helped hundreds of people find the best jobs in the Twin Cities!  We have added to our amazing [...] Read More

The How To's of Hiring

  THE HOW TO’S OF HIRING The number of days-to-hire has doubled in the past five years, and this increase doesn’t serve the employee or the employer well.  How can you make sure that every part of the process is [...] Read More

Answering Tough Interview Questions: What is the first thing you would do if hired?

  Answering Tough Interview Questions: What is the first thing you would do if hired? By Tom Halligan You are interviewing for your dream job.  You got this.  And then they ask this loaded question: “Describe the first three things [...] Read More

Stacey Stratton at the Enterprising Women Conference

  Stacey Stratton, President & CEO True Talent Group (right) with Monica Smiley, 2017 Enterprising Women Award Winner Susan Thayer and Marsha Firestone Stacey Stratton at the Enterprising Women Conference Earlier this week, our very own Stacey Stratton, President and [...] Read More

The 2017 Talent Forecast is Here!  What You Need to Know About Hiring and Job Searching

  Each year, we had the opportunity to produce the Talent Forecast – which we just released!  The process of writing this allows us to reflect on the past and chart the future. In developing the Talent Forecast, we get [...] Read More

Reputation Management

  Reputation Management The great thing about social media is that it is everywhere. Everyone is using it.  Pictures of kids and pets, vacations and even struggles help us feel connected with family and friends. But the problem about social [...] Read More

What Leadership Looks Like in 2017

  What Leadership Looks Like in 2017 A new year brings new opportunities!  2017 is the year to focus on transforming your leadership style so you can attract and retain highly adaptable, highly skilled team members.  Here are 4 leadership [...] Read More

How Will You Continue to Grow Professionally

  The key to your future can be found in an ongoing commitment to learning. By getting better at what you do and expanding your knowledge, you become more valuable and more marketable. You might wonder where to start!  Here [...] Read More

How Will You Continue to Grow Professionally?

  The key to your future can be found in an ongoing commitment to learning. By getting better at what you do and expanding your knowledge, you become more valuable and more marketable. You might wonder where to start!  Here [...] Read More

Resume Revamp for 2017

  It’s a new year and you are ready to make the leap and find a new job. Here are 5 simple things you can do right now to have a resume that is sure to get you your dream [...] Read More

Understanding the New Overtime Rules

Whether you are an employer or an employee, this is a MUST read! Did you know, according to the Center for Progress findings last year 60 percent of salaried workers were guaranteed overtime pay in 1975. Today, only 8 percent are. [...] Read More

Welcome Jill to our Team!

Please join us in welcoming Jill Langevin to our team as Senior Recruiter! Jill is highly energetic and passionate Recruiting professional with a passion for matching exceptional candidates with outstanding clients. Bringing extensive recruiting experience to the TTG team,  she [...] Read More

True Talent Group Expands Support of Art Buddies

True Talent Group is proud to have designated Art Buddies as one of our True Causes.  This year, we are showing our support by donating $5000 to this incredible organization! Art Buddies uses the power of creativity and one-on-one attention [...] Read More

Our Day of Service at Dress for Success

On Oct 28th we served a community of people that are making an impact in the Twin Cities. Dress for Success is a mission-driven organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence. Our employees, clients and friends, gathered to help [...] Read More

How Long is Your Tour of Duty?

With low unemployment, employers are struggling to fill jobs with qualified candidates. This has shifted the power from employers to highly skilled employees who, are in a stronger position to dictate the terms of their employment. In response, employers are [...] Read More

Our Day at Dress for Success!

It’s always, always, always about relationships! From the beginning, we’ve always said that it’s about relationships. Without relationships, True Talent Group couldn’t do what it does best: match true talent with true opportunities. We believe that successful relationships are built [...] Read More

Successful Change Management

  In today’s world, change is something you can count on. We all know change is necessary, but it can stop us in our tracks! Having a plan and clear expectations is crucial. Learn how to inspire your team to [...] Read More

Creating an Amazing Interview Experience

The job market is hot right now!  Finding top notch talent is harder than ever before.  Candidates have more options for their next move and are often weighing more than one offer.   That said, it has never been more [...] Read More

Good News, Bad News

Let’s start with the good news!  The total unemployment rate for May declined to 4.7%—a far cry from the 10.2% we saw in October 2009. And the U.S. economy has been consistently adding jobs across most sectors. According to the [...] Read More

True Talent Group Named 2016 Best Places to Work Honoree

True Talent Group is honored to be named one of the 2016 Best Places to Work by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal!  This honor is awarded to companies for creating and maintaining an enviable culture and engaged workforce. The honor was [...] Read More

The 2016 In-House Creative Services Industry Report is Here!

The 2016 In-House Creative Services Industry Report, as presented by the BOSS Group, InSource and Cella was just released.  This annual survey provides valuable insights and direction for in-house creative leaders across the country.  One of True Talent Group’s core [...] Read More

2016 In-House Creative Services Industry Report!

The 2016 In-House Creative Services Industry Report, as presented by the BOSS Group, InSource and Cella was just released.  This annual survey provides valuable insights and direction for in-house creative leaders across the country.  One of True Talent Group’s core [...] Read More