A Few Unusual Questions to Ask Job Candidates

As you’ve likely experienced throughout your leadership career, some set questions are always part of a job interview. From finding out about past successes and failures to gauging why they are interested in working for you, there are many “must-have” questions on the interview sheet.

There can be some other questions though that can help you gain insight that may not be as obvious as the standard ones. Digging deeper could give you a much better idea of a good fit and what makes sense for your business at the moment (or with your future strategies).

We checked Forbes and HR Morning for additional guidance regarding new ideas on what to ask candidates. Keep reading to learn more.

Ask about personal deal-breakers 

One idea is to ask what would be non-negotiable attributes for companies to have as they search for their next career move. This shows their values, gives a window to the traits they think are important for people in the workplace to have, and also shows if those attributes match your own company’s vision.

What it means to resolve conflict
There are plenty of questions about how candidates handle differences with colleagues, but a twist on this is to ask how they define a successful conflict resolution. That answer can show their process of handling conflict and also their insights into what values are needed to solve issues as they crop up in the workplace.

Defining them at their best

Asking them where they will be at their best in the workplace is a question where they have to think fast and pinpoint not only their best talents but also where they may be the most fulfilled at work. Everyone wants to be able to talk about what they do best, so it should be an insightful answer for most people.

Using creativity to problem-solve
Instead of just asking about the process someone used to solve a problem in the workplace, find out if the candidate has used non-traditional methods or a distinctive method to solve a complex issue. It may still include the process, but can also showcase the critical thinking skills that are much needed in the modern world.

The search for the best talent
As you think more about what kind of skills and attributes would be a great fit for a company, True Talent Group can be there to guide you on hiring employees and working within the mix of benefits, salary, and opportunities you can provide.

By learning your own needs and objectives, searching with an eye toward current trends, and ensuring a smooth interview and hiring process, we can work together to make your team the best it can be. Finding the best talent is truly a skill, and we can be your partner in finding that perfect fit for the crucial roles in your company. To get more details on what we can offer your business, go to our website.