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2021 Highlights and Why We're Optimistic

2021 was another challenging and change-filled year. As I’m writing this, I recall what I thought would change this year but hasn’t. We continue to struggle with uncertainty, anxiety and fear.   What has changed is that many have reflected on [...] View Post

Return-to-Work: Making Smart Decisions that Retain and Attract Top Talent

The Return-to-Work question is on everyone’s mind right now. New timeframes, re-imagined office configurations and safety precautions are all factors in the new normal. But when half of workers surveyed reported they will quit their current position if expected to [...] View Post

Interviewing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Talking about your past job experiences can be challenging, especially if they weren’t all roses and unicorns.  If you’re not careful, it can be easy to answer questions the wrong way and make an unfavorable impression. To keep this from [...] View Post

Job Offer Negotiation: How to Land Your Dream Job

Job offers are exciting! But with all good things, taking your time to consider what’s at stake is critical. Job offer negotiations represent a crucial jump-off point for employees and help establish common ground and clear expectations. Feeling unsure how [...] View Post

The Employee Appreciation Mindset

Let’s be honest—if there’s one thing these difficult times have taught us, it’s that life is too short to stay in places where our work goes unappreciated. Without a doubt, your employees have taken this lesson to heart, too. The [...] View Post

Three Tips for Avoiding Team Burnout

UPDATED OCTOBER 2021 Like it or not, the pandemic has us all used to a new kind of work structure. Whether you’re managing a team or working on your own, the possibility of employee burnout remains real. Remote work from [...] View Post