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Building Bridges in the Recruitment Industry

Insights from Stacey Stratton on the Recruiting Trailblazers Podcast Introduction In a recent episode of Recruiting Trailblazers, Marcus Edwardes welcomes Stacey Stratton, founder of True Talent Group, to discuss her inspiring journey and insights into the recruitment industry. Starting from [...] View Post

Flex Your Team with Fractional Marketing and Creative Talent  

Four Benefits of Hiring a Fractional Marketing or Creative Team   Hands up if headcount has ever kept you up at night. (As a team of recruitment professionals, we assure you we’ve all got our hands up.)   You’re not alone.   In [...] View Post

The Rise of Agile Freelance and Contract Labor

Discover the rise of agile freelance and contract labor, exploring the benefits of flexibility, autonomy, and specialized expertise in today's diverse and inclusive work landscape. View Post

Unlocking the Secrets of Salary Trends

Ever feel like finding the perfect salary is like hunting for treasure without a map? Dive into our latest blog 'Unlocking the Treasure Chest of Salaries and Trends' where we share the latest salary trends, negotiation tips, and why knowing your worth is the key to unlocking your career potential. Let's embark on this quest together with #TrueTalentGroup and find where X marks the spot! View Post

Unlocking the Secret to Employee Retention Strategies

Dive into our latest blog where we unravel the art of nurturing your work family like never before. Discover the True Talent way to employee retention, filled with stories, laughter, and heartfelt strategies that transform workplaces into homes away from home. Let's rekindle the joy of being part of something truly special together. View Post

Sparking Joy in the Workplace: The Quintet of Appreciation

Do you speak the language of appreciation fluently? Navigate with us through the melodious verses of the five languages of appreciation in the workplace in our latest blog! Discover how every 'thank you' and 'well done' can create a symphony of success! View Post