For Best-in-Class Talent,
The Search Stops Here.®

The Marketing and Creative Talent You’ve Been Searching For.

We staff for leading brands, marketing departments, corporations, non-profits, start-ups, agencies and more. If the talent you need is out there, we’ll help you find it.


Get your marketing and creative projects done faster with the right talent, right away. We handle screening, on-boarding, payroll, taxes, insurance and important employee milestones. All you have to focus on is the work.


Gain Peace of Mind Knowing:

  • The Candidate is a Strong Cultural Fit
  • The Work is Getting Done Right
  • You’re Saving Time by Avoiding the Time, Money and Headache of a Bad Fit

Sometimes hiring managers and HR need a hand in finding the right candidates. Let us save you both some time and money.


The job market is changing rapidly, and what worked to attract candidates yesterday may not be the same today. No matter your business objective, we can help break down your biggest goals into actionable plans with the resources required.

Working Together Works Best.

Our 3-Step Process Makes Partnership Easy.

1. Listen and Learn

When you need short- or long-term talent, we’re all ears. That’s because we’re intent on understanding your company’s culture and objectives, the ins and outs of your available position, and your impressions of who your ideal candidate may be. We believe the more we listen, the better we serve and deliver for you.

2. Search and Vet

With a pulse on today’s talent market, we know how to connect you with the very best. We search, screen, and perform reference checks so you’re only presented with top candidates. Your time is valuable, so we work to make sure each fits your parameters in terms of skills, culture, salary and more. And along with resumé and samples, we’ll always provide our expert rationale.

3. Interview and Offer

When you’ve chosen finalists to interview, we take care of scheduling and whatever it takes to ensure a smooth candidate-client experience. True Talent Group presents the offer to your winning candidate and handles all the relevant details. But an accepted offer is just the beginning—as long-term partners, we stay in touch with you and the talent to make sure everyone is happy.