We Connect World-Class Talent with Leading Brands, Marketing Departments, Corporations, Non-Profits, Start-Ups, Agencies and More.

Your one-stop shop for staffing search needs.



Get your projects done faster with the right talent, right away. We handle screening, onboarding, payroll, taxes and insurance. Now all you have to focus on is the real work.


Gain Peace of Mind Knowing:

  • The Candidate is a Strong Cultural Fit
  • The Work is Getting Done Right
  • You’re Saving Time by Avoiding the Time, Money and Headache of a Bad Fit

Sometimes hiring managers and HR need a hand in finding the right candidates. Let us save you both some time and money.


Whether you’re looking for a marketing entrepreneur, creative or digital mastermind, social pro or someone to jump in and help build you an Amazon-like marketplace, we’re here for you. Not sure what you need? Ask us!

We Make it Easy For You

We Listen

You give your impressions of who the ideal candidate may be. We discuss the job description and fill you in on important job market tidbits.

We Do a Culture Check

We visit your location and learn about your company culture. One day is a long time to work with someone you don’t get along with. This is one of the ways True Talent Group is different.

We Identify Candidates

We have thousands of qualified candidates in our talent pool. We are constantly interviewing and reviewing portfolios to bring you the highest caliber people.

We Create a Short List

We give you a list of fully vetted candidates who are qualified for the job.

You Make the Choice


Talent Consulting, It’s What We Do.

This New Service Helps Hiring Managers:

  • survey the market and talent landscape
  • write job descriptions
  • determine titles
  • define roles and career paths
  • determine fair and strong salaries
  • outline team structures
  • identify the best solution to a talent/team problem