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It’s True. We Love Our Clients and They Love Us Back.

“The quality of talent that the team at True Talent provided was a game changer for my department.”

— Chris R., Sr. Art Director & Brand+Creative Manager, Client

“I appreciate the fact that they took the time to listen to me and understand my situation. I've not met any other recruiter that would do this.”

— 2017 TTG Client & Talent Feedback Survey

“The care, support, communication and commitment that True Talent has to their team and clients is above and beyond.”

— Michelle N., Marketing Strategist

“The way they treat their partners and talent is unparalleled in my opinion. I haven't run across another firm quite like True Talent.”

— 2017 TTG Client & Talent Feedback Survey

“How they treat people is at the heart of everything they do, and it’s what separates them from the rest.”

— Dan W., Client

“Honest and helpful recruiters that truly want to find a job that is a match vs. just trying to fill requirements for their financial gain.”

— 2017 TTG Client & Talent Feedback Survey

“I like their thoughtful, personalized approach.”

— 2017 TTG Client & Talent Feedback Survey

“Their thorough and purposeful search led them to find a leader who is exceeding our expectations and increasing the trajectory of our company.”

— CHRISTEN J., VP Product Design & Strategy