Interview strategically

Today, candidate experience is more important than ever before. A good or bad experience means everything today and beyond. Between rising talent shortages, leaves, and life in general, hiring managers need to shorten the process and get straight to the point. Multiple offers are the norm, and they are extravagant. The more time that you keep someone in the process, the more likely you will lose them. The mismatch between workers and employers means things need to change and change fast. A few tips to help you get that 5-star talent:

1) Make sure everyone is on the same page and the job is approved at all levels.

2) Make sure you’re only asking the most important questions during an interview. If a question doesn’t add any value, don’t ask it. Make sure to inquire about a person’s skills and anything that allows you to get a sense of their work style and personality.

3) Today it’s quick to hire or catch and release. Gone are the days of 7 interviews. Remember candidates are likely getting recruited by others as well. Your goal should be to have a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ about a candidate at the end of the session and an offer no later than two weeks since you first met.

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