2022: Year of the Employee

New year, new changes in the talent market!

There’s been a clear shift in power—and talent has the advantage. In a recent poll surveying more than 900 workers, fifty percent reported plans to look for new jobs this year. Top candidates know what they want and are willing to leave their current role without another one lined up. They’re confident in their value and expect more.

This means for employers, the stakes have changed. What companies offered employees a few years ago may not be enough anymore. Not only are talent expecting a competitive salary—they also want to see a unique package of benefits in an offer.

Talent has the advantage in today’s hiring market

Our lead recruiter Jerek Jeffrey has seen this shift firsthand while helping people find their dream job.

“I think candidates are fully aware they have the upper hand more than ever and are definitely using it to their benefit. Whether it’s an increase in salary, a flexible schedule, ample PTO, exciting perks or anything else that sweetens the pot.”

And Jeffrey adds that work schedules, once basically nonnegotiable, are now a key component of any employment offer.

“A flexible schedule is high on the list,” Jeffrey says. “99% of the candidates I talk to are looking for at least a hybrid schedule. It isn’t just about money anymore; it’s about flexibility—the whole package! More than ever, people are searching for a work/life balance and will pass up companies that don’t provide it to their employees.”

The bottom line? Employers willing to invest in their people will win out when it comes to top candidates. But despite the shift in power in 2022, this isn’t a one-way street. Employees who feel valued will want to invest more of their skills and their passion into the company. And cultivating this kind of Employee Appreciation Mindset can promote employee retention and has the potential to organically improve the overall culture.

Top benefits employees seek in 2022

Here’s a few of the top benefits gaining popularity:

  • Remote/Hybrid Options. This option is more important than ever! According to a recent Gallup survey, 9 in 10 remote workers want to maintain the option to be remote.
  • 4-Day Work Weeks. We’re doing this here at True Talent Group and the response has been extremely positive.
  • Mission-Driven Companies. Offer your employees the chance to give back and make a difference in their communities with volunteer programs and other hands-on opportunities.
  • Increased or Unlimited PTO. People have been dealing with extraordinary challenges in the past two years. It’s crucial that they have time and space to care for their families and their own well-being.

  • Professional Development Benefits. Whether it’s tuition assistance, training course reimbursement or a robust professional development budget, potential hires want educational benefits to help them learn and grow.

Creating Attractive Job Offer Packages

The competition to attract new talent is more intense than ever. At True Talent Group, we work closely with our clients to tell their stories and to find ways they can provide more appealing offers to candidates. Employee expectations have evolved, and companies need to keep up with these changes. If not, they risk losing out. Is your company ready to succeed in the Year of the Employee? We can help! To learn more about how True Talent Group can help you with your contract, direct hire and contract-to-hire needs, visit: truetalentgroup.com.