What Emerging Employees Want From Employers

No matter what the business world dictates at any time, a company’s leaders need to think carefully about what they’re offering prospective employees. It always pays off to have an ear on the street and see how you can find the most talented employees to fulfill your strategy and vision.

This is especially true with younger people in the workforce. There are definitely generational differences in what they find important for a more fulfilling job. So, if you want to hire people from the emerging talent pool, you’ll need to provide benefits and a structure that makes sense.

Here are some ideas of what we’ve seen younger people seeking in terms of a company that’s right for them. It’s possible that some of these attributes also apply to people of all ages, especially in these unique times.

More Training and Development

Gen Z and millennials are especially motivated to learn more on the job and technology is part of the mix. A robust professional development program can entice growth-minded people.

Hybrid-Friendly Workplace
Even after the pandemic, many younger employees enjoy the work-life balance benefits of an at-office and at-home mix. With technology making it seamless for teams to stay connected and still be productive, it’s easy to see why this setup has continued to gain ground.

A Diverse Workplace

Younger potential employees place diversity, equity, and inclusion as a high priority, but they also want to be involved in crafting the policies for it. At the very least, they want opportunities to weigh in on ways to strengthen DEI in their workplace.

An Emphasis on Mental Health
Offering options for people struggling with mental health issues or more concerned with overall wellness can set your business apart from others. Placing importance on what’s happening with stress and other factors is clearly valued now more than ever.

How We Can Help You Find the Best Talent

For an extra push to find the candidates you are seeking for that crucial role, True Talent Group can use a variety of methods. It starts with discussions with you and a plan to determine your needs and objectives. We then search with an eye toward current trends, ensuring a smooth interviewing and hiring process.

We’d love to hear your story. Go to our website and get in touch so we can talk more in depth about who you’d like on your team.