What Leadership Looks Like in 2017


What Leadership Looks Like in 2017

A new year brings new opportunities!  2017 is the year to focus on transforming your leadership style so you can attract and retain highly adaptable, highly skilled team members.  Here are 4 leadership traits you need to adopt today!

  1. “Me” Becomes “We”

Team performance drives business performance.  Eliminate team silos to allow your employees to build stronger teamwork and cross-functional understanding.  Watch how this fosters creativity!.

  1. Your Greatest Investment!

The millennial workforce now comprises a major portion of the labor force.  They want personal and professional development.  Prevent the millennial job-hop with increased mentorship opportunities.

  1. Personalized Learning.

Technology allows learning to be optimized and catered to a learner’s preferred style, pace, interests and goals. Encourage your team to find what works best for them and push them to keep learning!

  1. Look Forward, Not Backward.

Look at how work is thought to get done (think: company org chart) verses how the work is actually getting done.  Take a candid look at how your teams are organized and re-align them as your business demands.

Now more than ever, leaders need to understand how to help their teams grow and adjust to changing market dynamics.  Use these tips to jumpstart your leadership today!