Creating an Amazing Interview Experience

The job market is hot right now!  Finding top notch talent is harder than ever before.  Candidates have more options for their next move and are often weighing more than one offer.


That said, it has never been more important to create an amazing interview experience.  A candidate is more likely to feel positive about employment with your company, department and…well…you as their boss if the interview process has been seamless and informative.


Here are some tips for creating an amazing interview experience:

  1. Eliminate Stressors from the Start:  Do they need specific directions or details on parking?  How many people will they be interviewing with?  Help candidates put their best foot forward by preparing them with what to expect.
  1. Timing:  Clearly communicate the steps in the hiring process.  Setting expectations early on that the hiring process may take more or less time than expected—i.e. two weeks or two months—it will keep them from abandoning their search with you.
  1. Paint a clear picture:  What would the employment experience could be for a successful employee? What does success look like at three months, 6 months and a year? Not only will this help to lock in the right fit but it may also help you avoid a bad hire.
  1. Meet and Greet:  When you are close to an offer have your candidate meet their potential coworkers. This will give them the ability to see themselves as part of the team and to get excited about the people—and more inclined to accept your offer.


The right hire makes all the difference!  And a positive, informative and smooth experience will help you hire and retain five-star talent!