A.B.P. - Always Be Prepared

Whether a new job is on your new year’s list or not, it’s best to A.B.P. Always be prepared.

We had the opportunity to share some tips on WCCO | CBS News Minnesota on how to land that dream job in 2023.

A couple of quick tips:

-Don’t settle. We’ve seen a lot of change and burnout in the last few years. One day is too long to be in a job you hate. What really would make a job a hell YES? If it doesn’t fit that, it’s a hell NO.

-Don’t believe the hype. A lot of the news is about layoffs, but there are still over 10 million open jobs and unemployment is extremely low. There still aren’t enough people to fill open roles.

-Refresh. Whether you are looking for a job or not, take time to update your headshot (no bait and switch!), resume, and portfolio. You never know when an opportunity might come your way. A.B.P.!

To watch the full segment, https://lnkd.in/eVV2Mvk2