Talent is Getting Frustrated on the Job Hunt

For those of you out there on the hunt for a new job, you may have noticed a major slow down in the hiring process as of late.

Don’t worry, we’ve noticed too. Here’s what we’re seeing…

  • We’re Seeing Client’s Hiring Process Slow

Our own Jill Langevin points out that many people looking for work left their last job in the spring hoping to enjoy the summer and find a new position by fall. Unfortunately, it isn’t panning out that way for most. The kids are heading back to school and you are still out of work… sound familiar?

Why is that? Jill says, “We’ve seen client’s hiring process slow because of summer vacations, holidays and project deadlines.”

This a very common trend from year to year. Many companies don’t feel a sense of urgency during the summer months (let’s be real, everyone is at the cabin, right?) and that is being reflected in the pace of hiring.

  • You’re Not Alone

The most noticeable and important trend we’ve noticed is the growing frustration within local talent. A common theme we see during the summer months is that job seekers are struggling to land interviews or be noticed by potential clients. We know how incredibly frustrating this can be. It can be isolating, lonely and leave you feeling stagnant in your professional life. Just know that hundreds other people looking for work right now are experiencing the exact same thing. You are not alone in the struggle.

  • Eyes on the Prize

Job seekers know that it isn’t a recruiter’s responsibility to find them a job but rather to use them as a resource to educate and reassure talent on market conditions and hiring trends.  From a recruiter’s perspective, Jill assures that “We know that the market will slowly open back up following the holiday. Clients come back from vacation and reevaluate their projects and goals for the remainder of the year. This is going to be the best time for talent to find their perfect role.”

It is easy to blame others and yourself in response to the seemingly everlasting frustration. Don’t let it get to you. There is an end in sight and you will end up where you are meant to be. Stay familiar with the hiring trends and keep your eyes out for your next big break. A little hustle goes a long way.