5 Tips for Crafting Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Get Your Voice Heard, Make Your Skills Shine

We’re living in a new time and a new territory – and ultimately that means a new way of positioning ourselves as digital marketing creative experts. As you look for new careers or networking opportunities, it’s important to make sure that you’re focused and confident in your personal brand. That way you know exactly what you’re offering to others and attract the right opportunities accordingly.

Tip 1: Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

It seems simple, but the way you visually present yourself can make a big difference. LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals to get seen and showcase their talents. This means you need to be sure your profile is up-to-date, easy to read and accurate. Take some time to comb through your LinkedIn profile and make sure that:

  • Your resume matches your LinkedIn profile
  • Your profile features a professional, up-to-date photo
  • Your work history is clear and easy to navigate
  • Your job descriptions highlight specific work accomplishments

Tip 2: Make Your Skills and Experience Stand Out

There’s no denying that there’s a lot of competition right now, and one of the biggest things a candidate (or business) can do is find a way to stand out. Take extra time to follow-up with past connections. Reach out to attend networking opportunities or events. Market yourself as a brand and focus on what you have to offer – versus why you want the job — to create an impression that resonates.

The same holds true for businesses. Consider what makes your business unique and attractive to job seekers. Clarify what’s special about the role you’re looking to fill and what you’re seeking in the right candidate. Standing out can be the difference between finding the people your business needs, right now – and losing money and credibility in your industry.

Tip 3: Engage Potential Employees and Companies—Speak Their Language

There are many algorithms used when it comes to posting or recruiting for a job, and ultimately connecting with candidates. One big step that can help both job seekers and hiring managers is using SEO to their advantage. This doesn’t mean paying for search terms in your LinkedIn profile or job descriptions but rather using relevant terms to organically procure a list of jobs that fit your skillset, especially when it comes to technical certifications or software platforms. Using the right industry terms not only makes your profile hit the right algorithmic notes to get your resume in front of the right people, it also demonstrates your skill level, expertise and commitment to staying relevant as an employee or a company.

Tip 4: Pursue New Connections

LinkedIn is a great place to look for connections in your industry – whether it’s by connecting with peers or hiring managers (or both). When making new connections, always be sure that:

  • The connection is sincere, and you write a personal message as to why you’re connecting (so you don’t look like spam)
  • If you say you are going to follow-up, do so in a timely manner
  • React, post and connect on relevant topics so your connections see that you’re active on LinkedIn

Tip 5: Reach Out For Help—Talk To Us Today

Lastly (but certainly not least), the best thing to do is to get a conversation started. Are you looking for even more personalized advice on building your brand? Need help advocating in a tough job market and want to work with an expert recruiter? Are you a business owner wondering how to select/find candidates and need an honest assessment from an industry leader? We’re here to help.

Stay connected. Stay real. Stay true to your own brand – and you’ll head down the right path! Reach out today to info@truetalentgroup.com or visit www.truetalentgroup.com to get things moving.