Hot Tips for Revamping Your Resume in 2020

Many of you are in the same boat – you’re looking for work, new clients or even new careers. This means you’re working hard at developing your personal brand and your resumes. What if you haven’t updated your resume in a long time? Where do you start? Follow these tips for revamping things in 2020 to make sure you’re marketable and get hired.

Make your resume unique with the template, fonts, colors and style

You’ve probably all seen this scenario happen. You take time crafting your resume and submit it, only to see (or hear) that someone else has the same template. Resume templates can be tricky because they could be industry specific and the best ones might be used by multiple people. Whether you’re picking out a new template (or revamping your old one), be sure you’re:

  • Adjusting the template so it showcases something unique
  • Adding in colors so that it stands out against other resumes
  • Ensuring your name and contact info is prominent

Templates can and should be unique. Don’t be afraid to give yours its own personality!

Say something that’s real, unique and different from what someone else is saying

Word choice (diction) is crucial. And the tiniest word choices in your resume can make the biggest difference when it comes to standing out in the crowd. Don’t just say that you’re an “experienced marketing professional”. Say why. What have you done throughout your career that’s made you experienced and what wins can you talk about? Form a narrative that tells your story and be ready to talk about that in an interview.

Make it clean, simple and easy to read

Getting through pages and pages of a resume that’s keyword stuffed and contains too many compound sentences isn’t anybody’s idea of a fun time. Be strategic in what you write. What does the comment/sentence/bullet tell the hiring manager or HR professional? Why are you mentioning it and what value does it bring to your personal brand? Think about ways to:

  • Trim your resume
  • Say more with less
  • Take away clutter and eliminate something that is visually overwhelming

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