Three Tips for Avoiding Team Burnout

Like it or not, the pandemic lockdown has us all used to a new kind of work structure. Whether you’re managing a team or working on your own, the possibility of employee burnout remains real. Remote work from home, inconsistent interaction with colleagues and lack of in-person teambuilding opportunities are all major causes of team burnout.

No doubtwe’ve all been doing what we can to keep going. Trying to stay positive (hooray, pajama pants), revamping our workday (sure, take that call while walking the dog) and rethinking job duties (Zoom Happy Hour this Friday—why not?) all help alleviate the stress that causes burnout.

Here are three ways you can boost morale and avoid a crash with your valued employees:

Listen to employees’ needs

Create an outlet for employees to talk about or write down their concerns. Be open to new ideas and offer space and time your team needs to stay motivated. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’ll get there. Showing grace, understanding and a willingness to make even the smallest changes will help to avoid burnout. For more on how to assess your employees’ needs, check out our free e-book, Motivating Your Team: Three Steps to Success.

Encourage self-care and time off

Even if vacations aren’t happening like they used to, everyone still needs time off. Be a self-care advocate! Simply reminding employees to take breaks, for simple activities like reading, doing yoga or going outside for a walk (no calls on this one!) allows them space to refresh and recharge. Encouraging your team to find balance, spend time with family and enjoy the small stuff is a great way to keep positivity high.

Rework the work that you have—True Talent Group can help

Do you need contract or freelance talent to help your team out? This is where we offer our expertise. We have access to thousands of vetted digital, marketing and creative talent, throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. If you can re-think the work and get in new talent to help with certain projects, it’s much more likely that you’ll avoid burnout. Let us help you find talent that fits your needs.