Job Hunt Mistakes to Avoid

Situation: you’re looking for work. Whether that’s full-time work or getting another client or contract, there’s a strategic approach to take to find a good fit. If you’re spending time looking and applying for positions, stay positive and always know your worth. We can help you avoid common mistakes and stay on the path to getting hired!

Avoid the quick application – make it count

As you’re searching jobs online, there are many different platforms that organizations use in order to receive an application. ALWAYS choose the full application process. This helps make sure all your information gets submitted and you don’t bypass a hiring manager because of an automatic screening system and end up with a template rejection email.

Whenever possible, write a personalized connection note. Whether that’s on LinkedIn or with a cover letter – make it as unique to that specific job as possible. Write a different note or letter for each application that specifically addresses what the position requires, what they’re looking for in a candidate and why you’re a good fit.

Don’t copy and paste from your last application – it’s tacky

It’s easy to write a single bio that can be recycled, but the reality is that each job has a unique set of requirements. Take time to tailor your application to those requirements. If the same idea can be reused, then great! Always be sure you’re matching what the hiring manager or job description is saying, and also showing your skills (and why you’re relevant) for the position.

Try to prevent your resume from getting lost in the sea – and stand out in the competition

While it’s true that your entire online “personality” is shown through multiple platforms like LinkedIn, your portfolio website and more – your resume still carries a lot of weight. Make it special and let it do the work for you. Adjust it to make sure it’s tailored for the job you’re applying for so that the hiring manager sees you and thinks, “I’d like to learn more”. When competition is high (and right now it is), you’ve got to take extra steps. You got this!

DO get in contact with True Talent Group – we’re in your corner

It’s never a bad idea to talk to a hiring expert in the industry who can guide you through the intricacies of hiring talent, finding talent, getting hired in your dream job and more. Reach out today to Stacey Stratton by emailing or visit True Talent Group today.