Start Thinking About That Interview - Before It Even Happens

Even if it happens on a computer screen instead of in person, an interview for a new role can be a nerve-racking experience. As you may have heard somewhere, fear is caused by not being prepared. So, the more prepared you are for an interview experience, the more confident you will be to showcase the best of what you have to offer in a new opportunity.

Honing your interview skills can be one of the best tools to land more meaningful work. Not every interview is the same, but there are some “givens” that every job candidate should remember and re-use as they make the rounds of companies for a new role.

Here is some advice we’ve gleaned from recent stories from Business News Daily and Biospace that suggest some techniques for you to try out during your next interview.

Work on the Non-Verbal Skills

It’s not what you say all the time – it’s how you conduct yourself with your own body language. Practice strong eye contact and good posture and control your breathing, making it steady and deep throughout the interview.

Get Some Stories Ready
A technique that always makes an impact is to remember narratives from your career that showcase when you’ve accomplished something great, or when you’ve had to solve a big concern for the company.

Prep for the Obvious Stuff
Companies have some common questions you’ll need to rehearse an answer for to leave a great impression. Among the biggies are these: “Tell me about yourself,” “What do you need to work on, and what are your strengths?” “Where do you see yourself in five years.”

Have Some Key Questions Ready
When you get to the end of the interview and they ask if you have questions, this is a time to show your curious nature and that you understand the business’s mission. You can work ahead of time to think of some questions you’d want answered about the role or the organization, and then write them down and take them to the interview.

We Can Help You in the Quest for Better Work

Tips on the interview process’s finer points are just one way that True Talent Group can be a great partner in your career journey. Our goal is to transform your career and your life with our techniques, and we pride ourselves on understanding everything about you – your goals, your employee culture needs, and your working style. We’re confident we can help.

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