The art of finding work-life balance and avoiding burnout

The struggle is real. We’ve learned a lot after the last two years, but still, burnout is an issue.

Sometimes, it feels like we have to be in two (or maybe more) places at once just to keep up with work and life: someone has to stay late at the office to meet tomorrow’s deadline. Or someone needs to pick up the kids from soccer practice, and then cook dinner, but all you really want to do is spend a night with Netflix and a box of chocolates.

Life has a lot of demands. Work, kids, meal planning, working out, keeping the house on track, and aging parents to name a few. Sometimes all we want is a beach and an umbrella drink. There is no one size fits all answer out there (trust us, we’ve looked). Here are a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the new normal.

Set Boundaries

We face a lot of pressure from ourselves and others. There are constant demands — like always being available, getting to all those emails, getting through that to-do list. Our work seems to always be right there, especially since most of us have our email on our phones. But setting stronger boundaries with work can be helpful to avoid burnout. Consider setting firm hours for checking work email. Try not to check your work email when you’re out of the office, or even have separate devices for work and personal use, so that you’re not working late into the night or on your days off. Let your coworkers know when you’ll be accessible so that you can be sure they know and respect your boundaries. You can also set up an “away” from computer message on your email after hours and on weekends.

Make Time for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Just as you plan and set schedules for your workday, be deliberate about making time for yourself, friends and family. If you have time set aside to pursue your hobbies and spend time with your loved ones, they’re less likely to fall by the wayside, even if work gets hectic. Mark dates and family events on your calendar (yes, even if you live with them). Schedules might not seem very romantic, but they can help ensure you’re spending time doing what really counts. This includes taking those vacations each year, too. Time away from home helps us feel refreshed and sharper, too!

Find Work You Feel Passionate About

You may have heard us say at True Talent Group that life is too short. 80% of the time you should love your job. You’re more motivated and less burnt out if you love your work. If you love your job you’re likely to be happy in other areas of your life. If your current job is burning you out, consider jumping back into the market. It’s a good one. The current U.S. unemployment rate is 3.6% nationally and 2.5% in Minnesota. We work with companies across the U.S. to connect best-in-class talent with companies they love. Check out our website to learn more at or contact us today at