What Makes a Company a Best Place to Work?

You now know that engaged employees are key to the success of an organization.  We have given you the tools to drive up that engagement, now let’s look at a few simple things you can do today to make your company an all-around best place to work!

These tools are easy to do and the rewards can include higher profitability, higher retention and might even get you an award to hang in the office!

  • Sharing is Caring – Give employees a stake in the company’s success, in the form of profit sharing or performance bonuses. If the company does well, all employees should share in the success!
  • Draw a (Road) Map – Define clear expectations for what success looks like in all roles.  Knowing what is expected drives your team to success!
  • Feedback! Feedback! Feedback! – Connect with your team regularly and share feedback on how they’re doing.  Also ask them how you, as their manager or leader, are doing as well.
  • R-E S-P-E-C-T – A team that feels respected mirrors that with the rest of your employees and your customers.  Everyone feels more fulfilled when they feel it and know that leaders care about them.

How does your company measure up? What do you think could be the impact on performance? These have always been part of TTG and our employees are the reason we are an award-winning agency!