Problem Solved in Under Three Weeks

“We lost one-third of our productivity overnight, with less than a month to go before a major product release.”

I was shocked when, in the final months of a two-year product release cycle, our best designer gave her notice. She did the work of two people and was the cultural heart of the team.

We’re not a big team, so we aren’t continually interviewing creatives. We don’t have a robust recruiting function. I had absolutely no faith that we could replace this designer in under three months, and I thought we’d have to push out our product release.

A friend recommended I call True Talent Group, and I’m so glad I did. It couldn’t have been easier to work with them, and in less than three weeks we had a new designer. That’s not a typo—less than three weeks!

I didn’t have a lot of experience working with staffing firms, but Stacey and her team made it easy. They know the market here, their network is huge, and they gave me updates every day. They even helped me write the job description. Their confidence in their process and ability to find the perfect fit was contagious. I reviewed five resumes—all of which were good—selected the top three and held interviews within a week.

True Talent Group really came through in a pinch and we didn’t have to lose months waiting for a lengthy recruiting process. I can’t recommend them enough!