Time to Get Edgy: How to Distinguish Yourself as a Candidate

Trust us — we’re as tired of some industry buzzwords are you probably are, especially as you search for the right role for your career needs and goals. One of those buzzwords that’s been enduring — for better or worse — is “the edge.”

In this context, we mean the distinguishing characteristic (or more than one, really) that helps you stand out among other candidates vying for the same job. It may take some soul searching, but it’s possible to figure this out before you even know what specific industry or role you seek.

Gleaning some of the online advice as a guide for ourselves, we’ve picked some of those “edgy” characteristics you should consider as potentials for your situation. See if you fit into any of these buckets — or if you can change the shape of said bucket to fit your brand.

Skills That Truly Pay the Bills

The biggest differentiator can be some of the skills you’ve earned over time. These are ones that might be at the expert level or that you’ve developed over time. Outlining those skills are where you can help yourself stand out the most.

A Work Ethic of Note
It’s fine to say that you have a strong work ethic in comparison to others — if that is genuine. Stating that you go beyond working hard to understand the “why” in what needs to be done, the importance of that work, is what motivates you to go beyond the norm.

The Proof in the Pudding

If you’ve had a career with a fair amount of stats that truly show your impact, this is a great place to showcase them. Talking about how you can show tangible results that have elevated a company’s stature is another ideal way to stand out among a crowd where that success might be less tangible.

Staying Loyal
If you haven’t jumped around much from role to role, this would be a good one to pick. Mention that you’ve been at places where you’ve earned the trust of your employers and that you’ve felt like an important part of fulfilling their mission.

Finding the Next Place To Belong

Once you find out where you stand amongst potential other candidates, you’ll be better prepped to find the right employer for where you want to be in your career.

That’s also something that we can help you achieve. True Talent Group is a thoughtful and experienced partner in finding the next role that can truly transform your career and your life. We pride ourselves on understanding everything about you – goals, cultural needs, preferences and working style. We’re confident we can help.

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