Retaining Your Team – 3 Steps to Success

March 4th, 2022 was Employee Appreciation Day. In a tight talent market where everyone is getting recruited on the daily, how do you keep the great team you have?

There are lots of key factors that contribute to overall happiness and are often overlooked. Here are a few ways to show appreciation and retain your team.

1. Motivation

Everyone is different. One size does not fit all when it comes to what motivates a person. It’s not just about their immediate needs. What are the long- and short-term goals? Some team members might be after a yacht and some just want a Prius.  Some desire leadership with a title promotion and some just want to make more money. Some crave more vacation time and some want one-on-one time with you. Find out what motivates your employees. Pick out who you highly value on your team and who you see is lacking in motivation. Have the conversation and ask questions.  

  • What motivates them?
  • What is their language of appreciation?
  • What prevents or drives their motivation?
  • If something prevents motivation, what change could fix that?
  • What is one commitment you can book on your calendar now to contribute to this person’s motivations?

2. Recognition

We hear it over and over that employees are interested in new opportunities because they don’t feel valued and appreciated. Did you recognize National Employee Appreciation Day? Acknowledge their birthday or work anniversary? It doesn’t have to be fancy or grandiose, a small gift or a card goes a long way. Our lead recruiter, Jerek Jeffrey, has heard many candidates say they feel under-appreciated for their work. He added, “Candidates don’t quit a job, they quit their manager. Culture and recognition are huge for people, and now more than ever!” Think about ways you could encourage recognition within your team.

  • Implement a weekly or monthly recognition routine.
  • Who on your team most needs recognition now?
  • How will you recognize them? Put this on your calendar to establish accountability.

3. Advancement

Nothing drains an employees’ motivation like the feeling they’re stuck in a dead-end job with nowhere to go. The growth of your business depends on the individuals at your company. Sometimes people will grow out of their roles, and that is inevitable. But when there is the opportunity for long-term growth and you see potential in a team member, make it known. Discuss their goals and the career path to get there. Identify skill sets and offer opportunities for self and professional development. Send them to a conference they’ve been wanting to attend. Put together a plan that guides your employees toward success.

At True Talent Group, we know that when you combine the energy, knowledge, and skills of a motivated and recognized group of people, your team can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Looking for best in class talent? Contact us!