Ways to get the best work in an agile workspace

Do you know what changes faster than technology? Terminology. It’s true — what we call one thing in the business world one day may have a new name or concept just as fast.

It’s why something that’s “agile” and “flexible” can be interchangeable. Now, this may be a heady philosophical thing to deal with — or it can be simple. When it comes to the agile workspace, there are techniques you can learn to bring to bear to make it successful, whether you are the leader of a company or one of its workers.

Here’s a look at agile workspaces from several different angles.

How you can create the best environment

As the workspace evolves, it’s best to think more about the activity taking place instead of the actual space. It’s with that in mind that the Future of Working blog is recommending some steps companies can take to make agile workspaces the best for their employees. Some of the most resonating ones for us include these two:

Don’t go for too much, too soon: This goes beyond just blowing things up and starting over again. Start with a trial run in the office or a strong method for how hybrid office work will actually work. Get their feedback, too, to assess what works best.

Variety is spicy: It’s important to realize that approaches are going to change for each employee. Having spaces that deliver different needs — peace and quiet, collaborations, meeting clients – goes a long way toward making the space work best with the work schedule.

Ways to make agile truly work for your employees 

Dynamic workspaces – see, there’s another way to put this concept – can only be as successful as productivity shows. It’s a perception that changes over time, but it’s something you can make resonate with employees from the get-go. We saw some great ideas in this article in Forbes recently about agile workspaces.

Structure is more than OK – it’s great: Even if you don’t have the usual desk setup or you have employees scattered around in different buildings, you can still encourage great organization. Agile spaces demand standing meetings and time dedicated to really knowing the lay of the land with an employee group.

Go overboard with communication: As a society, there are a lot of rules of engagement with other people. For the workplace, talk a lot about expectations and the process to get great results. The more you talk about how things should be going — and make it a two-way conversation — the closer you get to true success with a big transformation.

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