Digital Marketing. Why it’s so Important. Right Now!

Focus on digital and focus on results

The last six months have been uncharted territory when it comes to everything from launching a business – to keeping established operations running smoothly. In times where marketing seems like it won’t be effective, it’s important to consider the types of marketing you’re using. Whether it’s a combination of digital and print, or larger media marketing, consider shifting priorities to help your business gain momentum.

Right now, all signs are pointing to digital – and now is the time to gain traction. businesses that push up their sleeves and get to work on social media and digital marketing efforts will reap the rewards when the crisis starts to fade!

Why digital?

The digital marketing landscape can be daunting and is undoubtedly competitive. This does not mean it can’t be a focus for your business and actually help you grow your business, even during tough times. Digital marketing casts the widest net and can generate the most leads. It’s also (by far) one of the quickest ways to market where you can change and adapt to the landscape. Here are some of the biggest benefits to digital marketing:

  • Digital can be spread across many channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
  • Quick changes can be made to help boost ROI: If a digital ad isn’t working, you can re-work content and placement, and see if changes bring you a ROI. Use comments and reactions to help cultivate creative (and usable) ad copy.
  • Digital ads can target the absolute right audience: Focus on your audience and reach the right people (at the right time) using sophisticated ad tools offered by social media platforms. That way, every dollar you spend is meaningful.
  • Data-driven results: Over time, digital marketing produces a significant amount of data that you can use to validate the effectiveness of your ads, make changes and see trends, and show you what’s working (and what’s not). Even short-term data is helpful!

When to take action – and how to get the right digital marketer on your team Gaining momentum now so you can get usable, reliable data is the best way to move forward. Maybe you have data that can be used to create a solid digital strategy – or maybe you need. Either way, we can help find and place ideal candidates for all your digital needs, whether it’s project-based, contract or full time. Our goal is to help you find an ideal fit, regardless of your unique marketing needs. We’re here to help. Reach out today to or visit to start a conversation.