Back to school - and a new routine!

Tips for optimal work schedules while staying positive and productive.

The weather is cooling down and we’re starting to see colors span across the trees as everything starts to fade from bright green to earthy tones. School is starting and looking different for every single family. Whether it’s distance learning or at-home learning, there are definitely new schedules, routines and even challenges that we’re all adjusting to.

This is especially true in comparison to work schedules. Many people are still at home or doing a hybrid of office and at-home work. So, what are some ways we can adapt to change while still optimizing work and balancing family life? We’ve got a few for you to try.

Create consistency on a day-to-day basis

Many working parents are now facing unique, day-to-day schedules that fluctuate. Kids might be at home one day and in school the next. Parents might be in the office at a meeting and then at home. How do we balance a working at home consistently when our schedules change? Try:

  • Carving out time each morning for work, breaks and check-ins with kids (if they’re home)
  • Set aside time for phone or video check-ins, as well as heads-down work time (no matter where you’re working)
  • Anticipate family time on the days your kids are learning at home
  • Be transparent with your schedule and location – to both your colleagues and your family

Remind yourself of your best ways to focus and boost productivity

It’s no doubt that working from home (either full-time or part-time) is a new routine for many, and it’s unclear how long it’ll last. The important thing to remember is that we’ve already been working on mastering working from home, and that this concept continuously evolves as we get more “practice” at it. Remind yourself that:

  • Your best time to work may be the same (or different) each day – find that time and be productive!
  • Work in an environment that you feel confident in and dress for success – whether that’s in your home office in your suit or at the kitchen table in your comfiest clothes, you know what works best for you!
  • Take advantage of the extra time you save on commuting – we may be juggling more, but it’s important to remember that we save a little time each and every day while working at home. Take that time to write down positive affirmations, do 30 minutes of yoga, walking or movement, or use it to get a head start at making dinner – your choice!

Be resilient and flexible

Being resilient means that it’s OK to ask for help, talk through ideas or challenges, and seek support from your network (and beyond). Stay flexible, accept the idea of change and be amenable to new ideas. It’s what keeps us moving forward!

As we all work through new routines, learning opportunities and changes, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Get a conversation going if you need advice, need to talk through something or just need to vent. And if you know of some great conversations where True Talent Group could help with recruiting or staffing, keep us in the loop. We’re always in your corner.

Remember that you have a support network – we’re right here with you!