Thinking Differently About Employee Retention

No matter what, there will always be employees who will feel like their current role isn’t for them. This can be especially daunting for a business owner if it’s an employee who is one of its most productive.

This is where company leadership can try to plan and offer resources and techniques to help retain the best employees. It often goes beyond just offering a raise or more responsibilities.

Here’s a look at some advice on retention that puts things in perspective in today’s business world. It’s especially notable to think more carefully about retention because the current business climate is ripe for dissatisfaction.

Burnout Is Very Real

Now is a great time to think closer about retention, as the global workplace, in general, is fighting issues with burnout. Yahoo is reporting that a recent survey from insurance company Aflac shows that 57% of American workers say they have at least a moderate level of burnout. They are reporting that heavy workloads in particular are causing this feeling of job burnout.

There are also some particularly vulnerable populations reporting burnout in the survey. About 67% of Gen Z and 65% of millennials say they face moderate to high levels of burnout, while women are affected by burnout at a rate of 75%, as opposed to 58% of men. Any way you slice the stats, though, it’s clear that it’s a majority feeling the stress.

The Art of Effective Retention

If a company makes more of an effort to retain its best and brightest employees, it can lead to less feelings of burnout and more engagement at work overall. Business News Daily is reporting some techniques from experts that are helping with retention. These two in particular stood out to us:

Make sure value is there: Recognition and even simple thank yous for the work an employee does can go a long way to make them feel important and valued at work. It means more engagement and the feeling of coming to work every day with a tie to the company’s mission.

Put health at the forefront: With benefits, make sure there are ways to promote fitness, both mental and physical. They can be called “lifestyle-enhancement” benefits, and if they are truly tangible – using apps, programs, and discounts on resources – they can have the most impact. This is true both inside and outside of the workplace.

Finding Employees That Fit Well Into Your Culture

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By learning your own needs and objectives, searching with an eye toward current trends, and ensuring a smooth interview and hiring process, we can work together to make your team the best it can be. To get more details on what we can offer you, go to our website.