Attracting and Retaining Millennials


Today many companies are still struggling to find the best ways to not only hire millennials, but also retain them.  This generation is vital to the growth of your company and our overall economy.

Here are 6 ways you can draw millennial workers, but also get them to stick around!

  1. Offer Competitive Salaries

Millennials need to know that they are not only being fairly compensated, but that there is room for growth. In a study by PWC, 44 percent of millennials noted competitive wages as a motivating factor to go with an employer, while 52 percent cited growth opportunities. Foster their ambition and drive.

  1. Focus on Growth

Millennials want feedback and they want to feel they are being promoted for their performance—not tenure.  Seeing people getting promoted over others based on tenure over performance, it could discourage them. Help your employees better understand their overall career trajectory.

  1. Have Transparent Communication

This generation grew up with a culture of transparency. Even if it’s unintentional, announcing decisions without any explanation might leave this generation uneasy. Keep an open atmosphere of communication to foster trust and community.

  1. Connect Millennials to your Brand

Millennials are a great resource to strengthen your brand.  Give them a reason to share what your business is doing, and it can help you naturally boost your company’s social presence.

Last, but not least, when in doubt about what your millennial workforce wants, ask them!  Everyone wins this way.