The types of benefits employees want today

Finding and retaining the best and brightest in the talent pool goes beyond the number of zeros at the end of the salary. Increasingly, the benefits offered have become just as important.

To find out what employees are looking for in today’s climate, we look at some articles in Fast Company and HR Dive to see what experts in HR are talking about in the world of benefits. A lot of it comes down to relationships, both in and out of the workplace. Here are some key points to keep in mind as you evaluate your benefits package:

Flexibility in scheduling: This is a key one. In fact, a recent study showed that paid time off and being able to adjust work hours as needed for work-life balance was more important that working from home.

Mental health benefits: With the stressors of the day weighing on people both in and out of the workplace, having resources to help address mental health has become a higher priority.

Younger vs. older: Making sure there are benefits to cover both sides of the age coin is also increasingly valuable. Younger employees are more interested in family-centered benefits, while older workers want more robust retirement plans.

Volunteer opportunities: Corporate-sponsored community service is something that helps employees understand how they’re connected with everyone, a feeling anyone would benefit from.

Everyday wellness: If there are ways to provide discounts or resources to better someone’s health — whether that’s physical, mental or spiritual — employees would like to see more of it.

How we can help you find great talent 

We can be there to work through the process of hiring new employees, knowing full well the mix of benefits, salary and opportunity you can provide a new member of your team. It takes planning and foresight to find the best candidates for open roles. That’s why it often makes sense to outsource these activities to the experts.

By learning your own needs and objectives, searching with an eye toward current trends and ensuring a smooth interview and hiring process, we can work together to make your team the best it can be. Finding the best talent is an art and a science. We’re up to the challenge and can be your partner in finding the perfect fit for the position at hand.

Learn more about what we can offer your business on our website. We look forward to connecting with you.