Hiring Talent Through Virtual Interviews

We’re experiencing an entirely new way of interviewing, hiring and onboarding. But as hiring managers there are still those key things we look for with candidates. Are they a good culture fit? Are they qualified? Do they align with our mission and values? Follow these simple tips for virtual interviewing – no matter what stage of the interview process you’re at.

Look for preparedness: it’s key

You can tell a lot by a candidate’s level of preparedness, starting with something as simple as arriving to the interview on-time. If there are technical difficulties, have they reached out for help before the meeting? Take a look at how they’re presenting themselves. Are candidates dressed appropriately, even for a video interview? Is the meeting free of distractive noises? Are they focused? All of these things may seem simple, but they truly make a difference.

Hear the candidate’s narrative: it tells you a lot

Give the candidate a chance to tell a short narrative about their job history, current situation, etc. It’s helpful to hear (and in their own words) what they’re experienced in and what they’re looking for. Are they able to tell a full-circle story and really sell their personal brand? This will better equip you to make decisions that help your team and your organization.

Look for adaptability: we need it more than ever

Hiring and onboarding is different than it’s ever been. And one thing we need is flexibility and adaptability. This is true not only when it comes to not only onboarding – but with work environments. What is a candidate’s response to a changing work location? Are they enthusiastic about the type of work they’ll be asked to do whether it’s at home or at your office/location? Gauge their adaptability and how well they’d work in building a cohesive, high-functioning team that may work remotely for some time.

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