The Best Way to Follow-up with a Prospective Employer

There are so many moving parts in searching for a great new opportunity that it makes sense that most people would be afraid to miss a crucial step. From the prep for the interview to the actual event, you can take plenty of different pathways.

At the same time, a certain step in the process is crucial to follow up with the company after the interview. It may be right after the interview, or you could do something to check-in. Either way, staying in front of the potential employer can make a lot of difference.

We checked out some sites’ advice on follow-ups, and much of it comes down to not being afraid to take that step — but to do with an approach that can help get the desired results. Even if it’s not your role, keeping the lines of communication open is vital.

Here’s a look at a few techniques to remember once that interview is done and dusted, whether the first or the latest in a series of them.

A thank you email within 24 hours
This is a great place to demonstrate those attributes if you want to show enthusiasm and an understanding of what the prospective job entails. Don’t just thank them for the opportunity, though. Add some details about what you learned about the company during the interview that makes you ideally suited for that workplace. This is one of the biggest things that sets talent apart. We’re not seeing it like we used to and it’s often the game changer that results in a hire.

Another email if it’s been about a week
You probably aren’t being ghosted – after all, they are as busy as you are! – but it’s important to touch back if you haven’t heard back in seven business days. Be sure to ask about progress on the hiring, but also ask if there is anything else they need from you that would be useful.

Write back even if you don’t receive the job
Not everyone has the time for this, but give this a shot — write the person you interviewed with to get some feedback on the process and what you may do better as you continue your search. The extra effort you took to check on what is working can show them that you may be a great hire for a different role down the line.

Where do you want to go next?

As you explore the world of seeking out a new role, you may also need some help deciding where it is you really want to go. That’s something that we can help with.

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