Not Feeling the Love?

Real Talk About Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Job Interviews: we’ve all experienced them. Some went well; others, not so much. Sure, there can be factors beyond your control—an internal candidate already identified, company puts the position on hold—but it’s important to reflect on what you can control, so you don’t make the same mistakes in the future.

Reasons You Didn’t Get The Job

  • Technical Difficulties. Unable to connect to the meeting? Animals (kids included) disrupting? Preparing for these glitches shows your attention to detail and your interest in the role. For more tips on video interviewing from home, click here.
  • Unclear Career Narrative. Sum up your experience in under 3 minutes. It’s crucial to clearly connect your experience to the job’s requirements—make yourself the solution for their problem!
  • Negative Attitude. Don’t talk disparagingly about former companies or co-workers. Sounds like a given but it happens.
  • Lack of Interest. Research the company and the role so you can speak knowledgeably. And it’s critical not to look (or sound) tired; you don’t want the hiring manager to feel like they’ve wasted their time.
  • Lack of Follow-up. Your mom was right: thank you notes MATTER! Whether it’s an e-note or handwritten, a thank you is another chance to show the hiring manager what you’re made of. Thank all the people you met, refer back to the conversation you had for a personal touch, check for spelling and grammar errors (don’t let a typo cost you the job!) and keep the tone enthusiastic but not arrogant.

Every interview has lessons! Learn from them to do better the next time.

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