3 Quick Interview Tips

Essentially all interviews are now virtual – and it means everyone’s approaching the interview process as job seekers in an entirely new way. What do we wear? How do we deal with a delay in headphones or speakers? Follow these virtual interviewing tips to help you stand out in the interview, as well as the ones below. Keep reading!

1: Make sure your background isn’t distracting

Too much visual “noise” can be distracting and lead the interviewer left focusing on the photos, colors or artwork in the background. Keep it simple. And if you do have some artwork, make sure it fits within the space of your screen. Remember: you don’t need a huge space. Move into a corner of a room and make sure you keep things simple! 

2: Test your volume and know your speakers

Make sure your volume is appropriate and your background noise is minimal during an interview. This means NO washer/dryer noises, cage your pets and make sure you have the tv and/or background music turned OFF.

3: Dress professional

Seems obvious, right? Dress in an appropriate color and waist-up outfit that fits the job. This probably isn’t going to be a full pantsuit – but IS going to be something that is professional. No shirts with logos, athleisurewear or yoga outfits. Save that for relaxing once the interview is done. Good luck!

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