Quick tips for interviewing – even if it’s virtual

Prepping for a job interview can be one of your most powerful tools when it comes to getting a new job. Although interviewing can seem a little overwhelming, it’s a process we all go through when embarking on a new adventure. With proper preparation and focus you can enter the room (even if it’s a digital one) with confidence!

Do your research and ask the right questions

This seems simple, but it’s absolutely true. Do your research. This means research the company, their website and the actual job description you’re interviewing for. Be sure to look at LinkedIn, press releases or news articles, and to do a thorough Google search of the company. Don’t forget to look at their competitors and notice differences between the company you’re interviewing for and their competitors. The more research you can do, the better! That way you’ll have questions ready to go and be able to show your preparedness.

Practice makes perfect

Just like learning to ride a bike, practicing brings you closer to perfection. Start by reviewing sample interview questions and potential answers (do a quick Google search to get examples). Write down your answers and then read them aloud. The more you can draw from your own work experience to illustrate your skills, the more memorable you’ll be in your interview. Try to be as specific as possible, especially if you have a story to go along with an answer.

If you’re interviewing digitally or via video platforms, focus on acknowledging questions by giving a head nod or gesture. Remember that interview dress code remains the same, even for video interviews!

Last but not least – relax and be confident

Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds! Be sure to arrive early to your interview. If it’s a video interview be sure that your computer is all set up at least 15 minutes beforehand. Take some deep breaths, roll your shoulders back and smile. A smile goes a long way and will help you relax. Remember: just be yourself!