Frequently Asked Questions About Finding Jobs and Working With True Talent Group®.

Have questions about getting hired? Get answers and learn more about the True Talent Group® approach to working with all-star clients.

I’m looking for a marketing, creative or digital job.


What can I expect from a recruiter at True Talent Group®? And how is it different than any other agency?

At True Talent Group®, we know you have choices when it comes to finding the right job in marketing, digital and creative industries. Our job is to learn your skills, review your goals (current and future) and help match you with the right job. That may not happen today – but it could happen tomorrow! We want you to invest in your resume, your online presence and your interviewing skills. And the most important thing that sets us apart is our commitment to finding a good culture match!

What’s the difference between staffing and recruiting agencies?

Staffing firms/agencies typically fill short-term (temporary) roles, while recruiting agencies search on behalf of talent and work with talent until they’re placed. True Talent Group® does both. This means we help employers find staffing for short-term project work as well as do recruiting with candidates for contract work and permanent placements.

At True Talent Group®, we also have the “True Star” award recognition for employees. As a contractor, you can’t get recognition at the client company due to co-employment. So, this is our way of recognizing the hard work that our employees put in each and every day. You can be nominated by anyone – supervisors, managers, co-workers or even yourself! If you’re creative, think outside the box, or go above or beyond, we want you to get recognized for your work. We LOVE giving out our True Star awards throughout the year!

What are the benefits of working with a marketing recruiter for a creative, digital or marketing job?

A recruiter at True Talent Group® knows the job landscape because we’re in it day to day, month-to-month, and all year. We only work with candidates looking for marketing, digital and creative jobs – so we don’t just fill anything that comes along. We get all the details for a job, learn about the culture at the company, and make sure you’re a good match before presenting you as a candidate. We do the research so you can continue focusing on your interview skills, portfolio and resume!

Can I apply for a job on my own if I find out about it from a staffing agency?

Unfortunately, no. If you see a job that’s listed by a recruiting agency, it means that agency is filling the position. Reach out to True Talent Group® and check our job openings to see if anything fits what you’re looking for!

How do I get paid if I get hired through a marketing recruiter or agency?

Depending on the type of project or job, you’ll either get paid like an employee (W2) or a contractor (1099). We’ll walk you through the specifics of your contract so you know what to expect once you’re hired. If you’re doing a contract, freelance or short-term position that’s considered a W2 position, you’ll get a paycheck from True Talent Group®. If you’re considered a direct hire, you’ll get paid by the employer who hired you once you start. You don’t have to sign contracts or forms until you get a job offer!

Do I have to pay a fee to work with True Talent Group®?

You (talent) don’t pay any fees. Any fees associated with placing you at your job are paid by the employer seeking placement.

What types of marketing positions does True Talent Group® typically fill?

The most common marketing jobs we get requests for are Creative Directors, Account Executives, Marketing Coordinators, Directors, Managers, VP of Marketing, Marketing Analysts and all types of communications and media relations positions.

What types of digital positions does True Talent Group® typically fill?

Many jobs can be considered digital today, but the most common ones we get requests for are Digital Writers, Editors, Digital Designers, Project Managers and more.

What types of creative positions does True Talent Group® typically fill?

True Talent Group® fills all types of creative positions, and often times get requests for Creative Directors, Designers, Video Producers/Animators and more.