Tips to Make Sure Your Hiring Process Welcomes Diversity

These days, many companies are ramping up their focus on diversity and inclusion. We’ve noticed that often, these policies can be reinforced by the way a person is brought into the company in the first place.

Creating a welcoming environment for anyone who joins your company needs to be an intentional effort by those involved in hiring. Conveying a message of diversity at this early stage is crucial to introducing and maintaining successful inclusion efforts down the road.

Experts from Forbes and Harvard Business School have weighed in on how to make inclusion and diversity the center of your hiring practices. It’s clear that the benefits go far beyond just doing the right thing.

Advice On Updating Your Hiring Processes

First, here are some ideas on how you can make your workforce more diverse and inclusive by changing some of your own hiring rules.

Make the pool larger: When you decide to interview four people toward the end of the process instead of two, you are automatically increasing the chance for more diversity to enter your talent pool.

Change the way you do panels: Make sure that interview panels show the range of diversity at your own workplace. Doing this also means you’ll get the benefit of different insights when it comes to hiring someone to fit your company’s culture.

Be clear on skill sets: When you are crafting the job requirements, be sure to list skills and attributes that are needed for the best performance on the job. This technique has been proven to help managers avoid unconscious bias.

How Diversity Positively Affects Your Business

When you work toward hiring with diversity at the forefront, you are also working to increase the long-term success of your business. Here are some of the ways that having a diverse workforce is helpful to the bottom line:

Employee engagement: Studies have shown that a focus on diversity and inclusion leads to better retention and a sense of purpose for people at their workplace.

Better risk management: Having practices that prioritize diversity can help keep your company safe from potential legal risks. It also reduces biases that might be taking place.

A stronger culture: We have read studies that show that workers, especially workers from younger generations, are more supportive of a workplace culture that is committed to inclusion.

We Will Do Our Part to Help You Find the Best

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