Good News, Bad News

Let’s start with the good news!  The total unemployment rate for May declined to 4.7%—a far cry from the 10.2% we saw in October 2009. And the U.S. economy has been consistently adding jobs across most sectors.

According to the 2015 In-House Creative Industry Report 96% of internal departments will either grow or maintain their current full time staff, while 89% stated they were able to hire freelancers. Nearly three quarters of the respondents stated they had less than 5% attrition last year.  In terms of temporary employment, marketing and creative are two of the fastest growing segments!  This is great news for the creative and marketing professionals!Good News Bad News Infographic


Now for the bad news.  This means that finding top notch talent has never been harder or more competitive!  Passive postings to job boards don’t bring in the same number of quality resumes they once did.  What is the cost of an open position—what critical work is not getting done, what are the revenue implications?   How is your organization attracting the best talent?  More importantly, how are you retaining those rock star employees?  Align your organization around focused recruitment of top talent in this tight job market to see your team grow and succeed!