The Good, Bad and Ugly of Salary Negotiations

If you were to list some of the most stress-inducing aspects of finding a new role, I bet that salary talk is way up there at the top. It’s the question where everyone hesitates.

It’s a necessary piece of the new-job puzzle — but it doesn’t have to be too heavy of a brain teaser.

A few tips from us here at TTG:

Know What You Want – But Wait to Articulate It

Avoid talking about salary at the first interview-if you can. Have your yearly salary number and range in mind but hold it close. There are lots of factors that can play into the total compensation in the package, including culture, growth opportunities, benefits, PTO, remote/hybrid/on-site work, potential bonuses, etc. During this first meeting, take the time to get to know more about the role, the company and the leadership. You want to make sure you understand the depth of the role and is somewhere you could see yourself before you talk about the benjamins.

Think About More Than the Zeros at the End

Provide a range you’ll be happy in. For example, don’t say $80,000 but you really won’t be happy with less than $100,000. You can go down, but it’s difficult to go up. Again consider the full package. Do they have a Rockstar benefit package? Are you able to work anywhere in the world? Reduced hours? Money isn’t always everything.

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