Workplace Trends to Watch for This Year

You may be one of the people seeking a new role that feels a sense of optimism at the start of a new year. It’s only natural to believe that the path to positive change is ready to take advantage of as 2024 begins.

There are several trends in workplace hiring that speak to this, as well as others that might bring about a sense of caution in those looking for more fulfilling work. Here’s a look at what we’ve seen from several different sources.

Changes in Benefit Mixes

According to Glassdoor’s recent survey of businesses on workplace trends, they believe that while certain benefits will be more prevalent, others may be less common. Parental leave and mental healthcare are expected to be on the incline while mobile phone discounts and commuter assistance will be less likely.

A Change in the Five-Hour Day
For several years running, there has been a movement by some companies toward a four-day work week instead of the traditional five-day, or with other arrangements that still equal full-time work. With flexibility still a main driver for prospective employees it’s easy to see why work-week changes could be applauded by many in the job market.

Smaller Companies Draw More People
With hybrid and remote work still being debated and often stopped by larger companies, this may be a time for mid- and small-sized companies to attract top talent due to their continued flexibility. This is according to Glassdoor’s survey, which notes that a poll of workers said 54% of people aren’t comfortable with a hybrid work policy instead of full remote work.

A Lot of Returning Workers
While the pandemic meant early retirement for some people, those workers may decide to return for different roles than they had previously. This also means that work-life balance and a desire to reach financial goals will be reasons for a return to work for people above the age of 60.

Finding New Roles That Make Sense
As you navigate the different elements of a job search, including what trends might resonate with you, it’s always great to have a partner you can trust to help with guidance along the way. Whether you are seeking change or a better opportunity, consider True Talent Group for help and resources.

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