Hiring just changed entirely

Here’s how to adjust your process for a fully digital workforce

Hiring marketing, digital and creative employees has an entirely new meaning and process behind it. As we face unknown times, we’re left with the task of amending our processes and procedures to fit the current and future landscape. How can we market our company and promote our available roles? What does marketing look like a year from now? And 5 years from now? Right now, we’ll cover some of the best ways for hiring managers to streamline hiring processes that’ll yield positive results and help with long-term hiring success.

Tip 1: Set a realistic hiring schedule

Most hiring managers use schedules for hiring, but right now those schedules need extra attention. Be frank about the timelines of hiring – and give candidates a realistic outline of what to expect. Remember: candidates are EXCITED and ready to work. They want feedback and are ready to jump in, learn your brand and help grow your business.

When it comes to setting a hiring schedule, ask yourself:

  • Can all of these things be done virtually?
  • What can be combined to save time?
  • What touchpoints do I need to add (or takeaway) with everyone working virtually?
  • Where are my candidate touchpoints and how do I easily summarize and communicate that?

Whether you’re hiring talent for project-based/contract work or bring on that full-time employee, you should use adjusted digital schedules to get quality talent working. If you’re not sure of your needs, contact True Talent Group to help make your process easier.

Tip 2: Use the talent pool – it’s never been stronger!

The process of hiring is simpler and streamlined when the right candidate comes along at the beginning of the process. Guess what? That time is NOW. Due to COVID layoffs and furloughs, companies were forced to let go some of their best employees. Now, hiring managers have access to top-quality candidates that haven’t been available for years and are ready to work (and get to work, TODAY). And remember, this won’t last long so you want to act now.

As the market picks up, the talent pool will shrink, and if you weren’t at the front of that hiring spree, your choices will be limited and the process to find that perfect candidate will take longer. The more effective you can be at hiring, the bigger your return on investment. When you invest in top-quality talent, you create a long-term work environment that’s conducive to growth and expansion!

Tip 3: Take digital and run with it

Right now, in-person meetings, office interviews and group gatherings with employees are halted. We’ve shifted our priorities to digital and video conference – which means we need to shift our way of attracting quality candidates. With lots of job seekers on the lookout, it means that more people are cruising through LinkedIn, Facebook, glassdoor and more.

Are you using social platforms to market your open positions? Do your job descriptions match the current marketplace? Are you reaching the right candidate audience? If not, the right recruiting agency can do that work for you and help give you the digital advantage? You need to reach candidates in a timely manner, and with the right content that resonates with your intended audience.

Tip 4: Focus on your strengths

It takes time and effort to effectively market your business and attract the right short or long-term talent to help your business flourish. Be honest with yourself about your core strengths as a business: are you great at marketing your products but hiring has always seemed difficult? Or are you great at maintaining business relationships, but just need a few more leads to come through the door? If marketing or hiring aren’t in your wheelhouse, you’re not alone.

The pandemic has forced change on all of us in unexpected ways, but marketing needs to continue to help achieve your goals. True Talent Group has experience creating staffing plans, writing job descriptions, crafting marketing plans and creating content, before and during COVID-19. We’ve got an entire team that is ready to jumpstart your plans. Ready to chat? Let’s get started. Get in touch with Stacey Stratton: stacey@truetalentgroup.com.