Hiring for the best cultural fit

We might be walking into a little bit of a minefield, but if it’s done the right way, you, as a leader, can hire toward what you think the company’s culture dictates.

It’s not an easy thing to assess, though. Cultural solid awareness means different things to different people, and looking for the right fit takes a lot of reliable self-assessment of your own culture to ensure you know its important aspects.

Once you have that figured out, there are ways to find the right person for the proper role – and to be that right company. We look at some advice from the Academy to Innovate HR and Business News Daily to get an idea of what you can look for in a job candidate.

A few ideas on fit 

Here are a few suggestions on what would make the most sense when assessing how someone will fit within your organization.

Turn the tour into an assessment

As you show the prospective candidate around, consider it an excellent time to ask them about their role and how that fits into a great culture. Knowing what they feel is a strong culture will go a long way toward seeing if they fit in your same ideas.

Get the nitty-gritty about teamwork
Asking about how they work within teams gives excellent insights. The answers to what they like and dislike about teamwork show insight into how they approach corporate culture.

Be upfront in describing the culture
Hopefully, the strength of your culture will be front and center in the materials potential employees see from you. Even if that is the case, it’s a good idea to talk about what you see as a great employee culture and see if they agree or have assessments of what you do already. It’s even better if they ask that questions before you can get to it!

How we can help you find great talent

As part of your search for the right employee, we can work through the process of hiring new employees, knowing your own needs and objectives.

We can help you search with an eye toward current trends and advise on conducting a smooth interview and hiring process. Finding the best talent is truly a skill, and we can be your partner in finding the best for the crucial roles in your company.

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