Looking Into The Recent Future: Hiring Trends for 2024

Whether you’ve been on job searches within the last few years or you are seeking work again after many years at a company, it’s always a good thing to have insights into what the job market currently looks like.

With so many factors that hiring directors or recruiters use to find the best people, it can become daunting to try and guess what job seekers need to know and address during the search. However, there are some clear signs of changes in the way that roles are being filled in modern times.

Here is a look at what some experts are predicting for talent acquisition trends in 2024.

Changing Thoughts on Hybrid Workplaces
The hybrid model (part-time remote, part-time in an office) is being forecasted to gain even more ground as 2024 continues, with less than 100% remote offerings being on the market for prospective job seekers. Flexibility in where you can do the work will be paramount for anyone who is looking for their next role.

The Return of the Side Hustle
For some time, there were fewer workers taking on extra work outside of the regular 9 to 5. That is changing, as a recent poll showed that 70% of Gen Z and 50% of millennials have a side hustle, whether it’s an investment in a company or project or actual part-time or contracted work. With the economy and prices for many common items still unsettled, it’s easy to see why this is on the rise.

Less About Past Work, More About Overall Skills
HR experts say transferable skills throughout your career, or that you’ve developed through education, are more coveted than working for big or hip companies. Part of this is to better align with diversity, equity, and inclusion. But, it’s also to better emphasize the less tangible leadership skills that are still a high priority in the post-pandemic environment.

Empathetic Leadership Is More Important Than Ever
One study predicts that leaders are going to be listening more to colleagues and understanding more about the need for work-life balance, all in an effort to keep high-performing talent as well as demonstrate a greater emphasis on creating a better company culture. There is definitely a need for this shift: 34% of workers in that study said there is less empathy “at the top.”

We’re Here To Help You Find Your Next Role
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