What To Look For When Hiring Freelancers

The ebb and flow of the business world may be a challenge to keep up, but one aspect will always be constant: the use of contracted or freelance workers.

Whether it’s for a specific job or temporary help while you search for someone to fill a key position, there are many reasons why a business would consider a freelancer. If you have an exacting need for a person to complete your team, a contracted employee truly might be the best way to go.

We wanted to discuss what you should watch for when hiring someone on a contract basis. There are definitely attributes this person would have, or some techniques you can use, to make sure you are getting the right fit for your investment.

Hire Great Communicators 

No matter the role, the freelancer should have a high rate of availability and expert skills in letting you know how a project’s progress is going. Making sure to establish the most direct channels for communication is important for you, too.

Truly Know What You Want

Finding the best talent depends on your research into the job description. Thinking through the details on timelines, budgeting, and strategy the contracted person needs to accomplish — well upfront — can lead to an effective search for you.

Take References Seriously
When people are in business for themselves, they hopefully have established their own client network that can tell you the truth about their services. Ensure the freelancer can talk about clients they had on the books from six months to a year.

Look for Someone Who Can Go the Extra Mile

This is true not only of meeting deadlines or providing great quality. It also means that the contracted worker might be interested in sticking with your company, in whatever capacity or role, for the long haul. You’ll receive high-quality work from someone who truly knows how your company operates and is bought-in to your own values and strategy.

We Can Shorten Up The Search for Talent

At True Talent Group, we handle many steps you may need to take to find the right contract or freelance worker. We can take care of screening, onboarding, payroll, taxes, insurance, and other important milestones along the way.

We want you to focus on the strategy you need to execute to succeed. Our website has more details on how we can help you find the talent you’ve been searching for.