Now What? Talking to Your Boss About Another Job Offer

You can get excited when you get a job offer from another company. It’s OK! It proves a lot about your worth and interest in advancing your career.

You’ll also have to arrive at the time when you let your current boss know about this opportunity, and that can be one of the more tense experiences an employee can go through. You don’t want to make a misstep and potentially leave on a negative note.

We looked at what the U.S. News and World Report and Office Topics websites recently said about this particularly crucial meeting during a job search. It’s clear that being prepared before you go in is the best approach.

Tell Your Boss Before Your Co-Workers

Yeah, we know — you are beyond stoked about that new opportunity. But cool those jets — it’s the most professional approach you can take to tell your boss about it first before gossip gets to his or her door. The main people in charge of your current position should know first.

It’s Good to Rehearse What You Will Say 

Make sure this is a meeting you control, which you can do by reaffirming your career goals in light of the offer. This is how you can clarify and be concise about what you’ll say to your boss — and be open if there is a counter-offer that the current company makes (more on that a bit further down the page).

Remain Positive About It All

Tell your boss the facts about why you are leaving, but be thoughtful about the tone. You’ll want not to be seen as eager to leave, even if you are, and don’t express the negatives of what’s happening with your situation in your current role. Keep it as simple and quick as possible.

Get Ready for a Big Ask From Your Boss

It’s entirely possible — especially if you have been a company star — that you might get an offer for more money, benefits, or responsibilities in the hopes of making you want to stay. Think about this before you make the appointment to talk — what would it take to get you to stay?

We Can Help With That Next Role

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