Join us at the Women in Digital October Meetup

The October Meetup for Twin Cities Women in Digital will be one for the books.

Ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? You may not have known it, but our guess is that you have experienced it at one point in your career. Imposter Syndrome is the pattern of thinking in which you consistently second guess and doubt your own abilities and accomplishments. It is the fear of not fulfilling others’ expectations of you and therefor, feeling like an imposter. We’ve all been there.

How do you combat this pattern of thinking? How do you overcome the challenge of self doubt to crush your goals and be a major success? There are two answers to these questions that plague so many of us;

  1. Join us at the October Meetup with Women in Digital
  2. Partner with True Talent Group to find the right team to bring you to the next level

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