Nobody’s Perfect: How Finding the Best Candidate Has Changed

Do you know the rule book your company and others have used for decades to find the “perfect” candidate? You might as well throw it in the recycling bin with all those unread magazine subscriptions.

One clear trend in hiring circles is finding candidates from beyond traditional methods. A shift from skills in a specific technical field, and even vast experience in that field, is giving way to finding people with the right transferable skills that could work in any industry – even though those are harder to pin down. Still, those skills can be more rewarding to your business than the exact methodology of a specific role.

From stories we read from the BBC and Harvard Business Review, we are painting a more open-ended picture for you when you think about finding that person for the next role. Here’s what to watch for that could be a difference-maker for any role you want to fulfill – and quickly.

Changing Times With the Job Pool

First, let’s talk about the evolution of finding the right fit. Non-traditional candidates for roles are gaining ground thanks to how the pandemic has shifted the way work takes place. To give one example, it has opened people’s minds to find people who may not have the conventional degree from a big university.

There’s also a move away from technical abilities or specific skills for certain roles. Instead, what is commonly called soft skills – teamwork, leadership, empathy, and adaptability – are all being assessed at a higher level than before. Companies want people who can adapt to changes, especially in a still-turbulent economy.

Less Perfection, More Capacity to Grow

Although compromising for a candidate with too many flaws or who doesn’t have the significant skills isn’t a good idea for any company, bringing in someone who may need more of a learning period in a role they are not accustomed to may be a better option. Knowledge and skills can be learned if the candidate has the characteristics or broader skills to fit your culture or long-term goals for a role.

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are two broad-based skills that are becoming more important in these ever-changing times. These days, interpersonal skills are so coveted that finding someone with those skills can make a substantial difference for your company. It makes someone trying to learn the ropes in a new field more adaptable to how your organization works, and that seeking mentality can be a great indicator of their performance over time.

Some Help With Finding the Best Candidates For You

No matter how open-ended your process may be, True Talent Group can be there to work through the process. By learning your own needs and objectives, searching with an eye toward current trends, and ensuring a smooth interview and hiring process, we can work together to make your team the best it can be.

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