The Traits You Need to Be a Great Pivot Leader

If there’s an attribute that lots of companies are looking for, it’s someone who can handle pivoting. And, it goes beyond just coping skills, too — they want someone who can lead others into big pivots that can be a boon to the company.

Is that you? You may be surprised to learn that it can be, as the skills of pivot management are ones that anyone can learn or develop. Sure, you need some time to either lead or go through a big pivot in the workplace, but a little self-scrutiny may show that you have already honed those skills.

Melding past, present and future 

The skills that are the most prominent for those who can be pivot leaders seem to bring both perspectives of the past and present into sharp focus. They also should be able to plan for the future, the more obvious trait that someone who is a good pivot manager possesses.

Here are some specific skills that you should develop if you want “pivot management” to be a part of your expertise.

Quick action: Being able to make pivot happen at a rapid rate is always desired by leadership. If you’ve been the type to be under the wire when it comes to deadlines, this could be you.

Keep strategy in mind: Knowing the ultimate goal and making that your filter for any decisions during the pivot process is important. Communicating that strategy at various points is even better.

Try to inspire: Motivating people isn’t an easy task, but if you find that you mix the push for pivot with inspirational language, you’ll get better quality and more buy-in from everyone.

How to interview for pivot management

There are also some aspects of your career to bring up when you are in an interview if you want to position yourself as a great pivot leader. Here are some things to remember:

Figure out how you’ve modeled pivot before: Bring some examples to the interview, especially ones that can apply to different types of business models.

Be a proactive team player: Yes, both cliches, but sometimes the cliches are true! Showing that you can work with team members and keep your cool when responding to challenges is equally important.

Spy on the company: If you do some research, you may find out about some major pivots they may be working on. If you have views on how that pivot can take place the best, share those in the interview.

We can help you find that next role

Now that you have figured out that you are great at pivot management, how about finding a new place for that to take place? That’s something with which we can help on your career pathway.

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