Top Fastest-Growing Occupations

Have you ever wondered which jobs have the brightest future? High tech? Electric vehicles? Marketing? Working for True Talent Group? While that’s hard to quantify because of a variety of factors such as salary, work satisfaction, work-home balance, benefits and so forth, the U.S. Bureau of Labor put together a list of occupations with the highest-projected percent change of employment through 2030.

The top spot, among others, will likely come as a surprise. Do any of these intrigue you enough to switch careers?

Here are the fastest-growing occupations, according to this report, and their current wages from the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics:

– Wood model makers: This profession builds full-size and precise wooden models of products to scale. OEWS includes wood jig builders and loft workers in the category. Their expected growth rate this decade is 39%, with the average salary coming in at $60,780 in 2021.

– Exercise trainers and group fitness instructors: Hop, sweat, stretch and motivate your way in a profession that paid $60,780 per year in 2021 and will see a 39% jump this decade.

– Costume attendants: The show wouldn’t go on without this crew, which helps choose, fit and take care of the cast’s costume wardrobe. They’re just generally helpful to cast members, including with on-the-fly wardrobe changes — and hopefully not wardrobe malfunctions. Their average salary is $47,850, as of 2021, and the number of attendants should rise by as much as 44% by the time the curtains close on this decade.

– Agents and business managers of artists, performers and athletes: Whether it’s setting up gigs, negotiating for better contracts or finding a variety of ways to help their clients cash in, agents and business managers are in high demand. This report claims there will be a 46% increase by 2030. Average 2021 salary: $78,410.

– Restaurant cooks: Cooks will probably earn even more than their average $30K salary, based on increased wages in the industry since the pandemic. Their numbers are about to grow as well — by 49%.

– Solar photovoltaic installers: With the rapid increase of solar power production in residential areas, it’s no surprise that those who install photovoltaic systems will see an increase in numbers (52%). Installers’ average salary is $47,670.

– Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers: This group’s average isn’t the most lucrative for now — $24,440 in 2021 — but that apparently won’t stop thousands from joining their ranks (an increase of 62% is expected).

– Wind turbine service technicians: Most of these specialized techs, who spend a lot of time outdoors and in high places, have moved their way up to their current pay of about $56,260 through on-the-job training and technical schools. They’re expecting their workforce to grow by 68%, too.

– Motion picture projectionists: Admit it. You weren’t expecting to see motion picture projectionists, the theater employees who set up and operate visual and audio equipment, to be sitting in the No. 1 spot, were you? Good news for them: The perks must outweigh their salaries, which averaged $29,350 in 2021, as projectionists are gearing up to add another 70% in 2022.

What do you think? Whether these jobs intrigue you or not, please reach out and connect with us about what you’re looking for as you seek to position yourself for the future. Your dream job — even if it’s not expected to boom like these others — is a click away.