The How To's of Hiring



The number of days-to-hire has doubled in the past five years, and this increase doesn’t serve the employee or the employer well.  How can you make sure that every part of the process is moving you toward a hiring decision?  We can help!

Job Posting

Before you post your job, ensure there is internal alignment on what type of candidate will be successful in this role.  What skills are a must?  But don’t be afraid to consider out-of-the-box talent.  Just because someone brings a different dimension to your culture does not mean they won’t rock that job!

The Interview Process

Having established success criteria will allow each interviewer to assess a candidate’s qualifications in a comparable way.  Make sure that the hiring team is dedicating the proper amount of time and preparation to these interviews make them as efficient as possible.

Making a Hiring Decision

Once you have found your top candidate, identify any roadblocks and remove them to build consensus  with stakeholders.  Throughout this process, ensure that you are vocal about your hiring process—what it looks like and how long it will take— to manage expectations with candidates and keep the best ones engaged throughout the process.

Dos and Don'ts

This hot job market will benefit well-organized employers, but those that drag their hiring feet risk losing out on the top talent! What can you to today to streamline your hiring process?