Tips for Getting the Salary You Deserve

Once you find a company for which you want to work, there will be that point where you need to negotiate your salary. While some businesses are unmovable when it comes to this step, it’s often the final – or close to final – step before you start a new opportunity.

It’s also another time for some people to be more nervous about the outcome. There isn’t a tried-and-true method for salary discussions, and many people are uncomfortable with this kind of dialog.

But, like with many things in life, having some knowledge before you go to this discussion can help alleviate fears and help you feel more prepared. We read some advice from experts and wanted to share some key points they talk about so you can walk into this final step of the job-seeking situation more confidently.

Ask Around
It’s perfectly acceptable to talk to colleagues in your industry about their salary negotiations. Speak to them about the salary ranges discussed – they don’t have to give you their current salary – and how the process was structured so you know what to expect.

Consider the 20% Rule
Some people suggest that you ask for more than you think you will earn, and that’s a good plan – just don’t overdo it. Instead, ask for 20% more than what you really want, so there is room for the push-and-pull of negotiations during this step in the hiring process.

Always Think About Benefits

Healthcare, insurance, or work-life balance perks should be a part of your total package. Ask about what the company has to offer you beyond the dollars and cents, and then think about that as incentives to go with the company that can provide those to you.

Take More Time, Every Time
Although you may be feeling the heat of wanting to accept whatever is given, always let hiring managers know that you want some more time to consider the new role and the salary. This is also a way that they may decide to increase their offer during this waiting period.

Help Every Step of the Way

All aspects of the job search, from research to the final offer, can be strengthened by having the right partners helping you out. This is something that True Talent Group can work with you on your career pathway.

True Talent Group wants to help people who are seeking a transformation in their careers and lives. We pride ourselves on understanding your goals, workplace culture needs, preferences, and working style. We’re confident we can find the next great role for you.

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