Finding the Job You Love!

Romance Yourself Into a New Role.

Ready to pursue a job you’ll love? Here at True Talent Group, we’ve noticed that finding the right job has a lot in common with finding the right relationship. Whether you’re dating or looking for work, you need to assess your goals and interests to find compatibility and harmony. Both dating and job search require you to polish up your appearance, whether it’s a new resume or a fresh haircut and stylish clothes. And most importantly, finding the right person and the right job require reaching out to your network for help. For more details on pursuing a position you’ll love, keep reading!

Rekindle your passions. Reflect on what you love the most about your work. Think about what motivates and inspires you and makes you feel productive. Drafting a list of subjects you want to study can help point you in the direction of professional growth, leading you toward your next career move.

Freshen up your resume. This is an obvious one, but it’s highly important. Your resume should be no more than two pages and needs to market you and your talents in the best way. Show your experience specific to the qualifications of the role(s) that you’re considering. Revisit the format –a fresh template is always helpful, especially when you’re adding your latest skills and accomplishments. Once you’ve updated everything, ask for feedback about the new version from friends or other professionals you trust. 

Build an attractive online presence. Create a strong profile on LinkedIn and other networking sites. Remember, you’re building your professional brand so make it credible! Ensure your LinkedIn profile aligns with what is listed on your resume. Include a photo of yourself and keep it updated within the past few years. Your photo should look like you! It’s important that you’re portrayed in a way that leaves potential employers with a strong and positive impression about you. Base your profile bio on the topics that you actually discuss and are interested in learning more about. Ask colleagues and clients to write reviews and endorsements of your work.

Make your list. Write down the top three things that would make a job a hell yes! Is it a salary increase? Location? Culture? Think about dealbreakers, too. What would make you say no to a job? Create a list of companies you’d love to work for and why. Seeing your values in print is a great way to focus on what is truly best for you.

Most importantly, remember that you’re not alone! At True Talent Group, we are passionate about helping people find work that inspires and excites them. Ready to fall in love with your job? Let us help you make a connection. Learn more at: